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Hissaelon Ironhorse

Name: Hissaelon Ironhorse.

Race: Half human, half Syndar (Human dominant)

History: My family history consists of soldiers from the The Kingdom of Vandregon. My father was a brave man and never ran away from a fight and thought the best death was in battle. He was married to the love of his life, but had two children, each one from a different mother (both were drunk during a Syndar celabration). My mother was a syndar from the The Kingdom of Tielorrien. She was a peaceful woman, but she was a skilled fighter in both dual blade and bow and taught me when I was young. She died from the undead plague, but passed on her weapons to me. My father was on somewhat good terms with me. He gave me food and shelter, but spent most of his time either training my brother, Thandor Ironhorse, or fulfilling his roles to Vandregon. When the dead spread across the lands, my brother and I were put on ships to the new world. Our fathers location is still unknown to us because he went missing when fighting a Penitent raiding party. We are now mercenaries in the new land, but I hope to claim a banner one day to fight a for greater cause than myself. Thandor, however, his sword belongs to gold coins.

Character is known for being sympathetic towards Syndar due to his shared bloodline.

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