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Halvar Longfang

Played By: Brandon Potter
Name: Halvar Longfang
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Birth Year: 247
Age: 18
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: 2
Occupation: Longfang Warrior
Birthplace: Onsallas Village, Longfang Territory, Mardrun
Relationships: Alive: Reyna Longfang (Mother), Ranmir Longfang (Cousin), Rill Longfang (Cousin)
Deceased: Fareth Moonfury (Father), Harlok Longfang (Cousin), Solvig Longfang (Great-Great Aunt), Yawn Longfang (Cousin)

I was born in the fall of the year 248 to Reyna Longfang and Fareth Moonfury. My mother had met my father while she was visiting Moonfury territory and they grew close to each other throughout my mother’s visit, My father accompanied my mother back to Longfang territory knowing she was pregnant with his child, in hopes to become her mate but my mother would not allow it until she finished her studies under her Great-Aunt Solvig Longfang and became a Daughter of Gaia. During my first 6 years of life my father worked on making a place for himself within Pack Longfang as a warrior, while I stayed in the kresh with the other Ulven pups. It wasn’t until about my 5th year of life that I began training with the retired warriors of the pack.

I wanted nothing more than to be like my father and the great Longfang warriors, I had hoped to make my father proud and to have a name worth being heard by the Great Wolf so that someday I may hunt with him in his great hunting grounds. When I turned 6 in the year 254 my mother finished her training under Solvig and officially became my father’s mate in a joining ceremony. 3 years after my parent’s joining my father met his fate in battle and found his place among the Great Wolf’s pack. I had always admired my father and his death left me mourning. It had also left me more determined to be a great Longfang warrior so that someday I may see him again in the Great Wolf’s hunting grounds.

Soon after my father’s death my mother consulted with the Runeseer Solvig Longfang and decided she should leave me to the pack and travel alone to find her own path. I was fatherless and abandoned by my mother to be raised by the kresh. After my mother’s departure I continued training to become a warrior. I enjoyed fighting with a sword and shield and although throughout my training I practiced with many different weapons I excelled with using a dane axe and with sword and shield.

In the year 262 I met and befriended a Daughter of Gaia from Stormjarl by the name of Ulana. She was only a year older than me, she had come to Pack Longfang with her father who was one of the honor bound Stormjarl. Around this same time my mother made her return to the pack with open arms from all except myself. I became very close to Ulana over the next couple of years and I was sure that someday we would become mates. This dream of mine was put to an end when she came with myself and the other warriors on a mordok hunt, she met a cruel fate and was impaled by the spear of a Mordok. I had failed to protect her and I forever blame myself for her death. I realize the true threat to my family, my pack, and the rest of Mardrun is the Mordok and I seek to help put an end to the threat that comes from the dirge.

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