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Game Resources and Links

Tutorials and How-Tos

Daisy and Jude’s Larp Craft Tutorials

Simple and cheap tips and patterns for costumes and accessories

The Armor Archive

Patterns for making your own armor

Renaissance Hair How-To-Guide

Courtesy of Costume Supercenter, this tutorial and guide is how to style your long hair in a more medieval/renaissance fashion.


Player Resources


States of Play: Nordic Larp Around the World

Collection of articles dealing with the the theory behind larp, different kinds of larp, and much more. Very in depth.

Larp Couture

A blog all about costuming in larp, fantasy or not!

Lizzie Stark

A blog from the journalist Lizzie Stark, author of Leaving Mundania. She writes about larp today, both in the States and in the Nordic countries. Very useful when learning about Nordic and immersion larping!

Bad Ass Larp Talks

This is a blog that looks at a number of different topics related to LARP. A great resource for understanding numerous angles (including problems, obstacles, social interactons and personal psychology).


More coming soon! Have a link or a resource you think might be useful? Or your own shop you want listed? Please let us know, and we can add it our list!



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