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Freya Rev Anda

Played by: Sarah Larson
Name: Freya Rev Anda
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown/orange
Occupation: Warrior -Combat archer/Sword & board
Known Skills: First Aid
Birthplace: Cliffs of the Eastern sea
Notable Traits: Wary of any and all magic. Loves nature. Thinks all Syndar smell funny. Very curious and fierce when need be.
Kragen Bloodmoon- Feels a strong bond with Kragen, as a mentor, fighter, and friend.
Pack Graytide- Ill at ease around pack graytide. Recently fought an honor duel with a member over the death of his brother due to her falling asleep on watch.
Character History
Freya was born in a large village on the cliffs of the EasternSea, into the Sjóúlfur pack. Despite the large size, her Ulven pack was very close knit. Every member of the village was considered family, and supported each other through life’s troubles. They were devoted to worshipping Sjóúlfur, under The Great Wolf, and their clan was named for it. The men and women were treated equally, and all of them were combat worthy in some aspect or another. Each member of her pack was gifted with a Guardian Spirit by Sjóúlfur at birth. This Spirit was believed to shape their character, and protect them throughout their lives. Freya was gifted with the Guardian Spirit of the Fox, and was thus named Freya Rev Anda.

True to a fox’s nature, Freya was always getting into trouble. She was very sly and mischievous, always going where she was told not to and getting into things she should not. While her father was a great warrior, Freya was not built for melee or hand to hand combat; though she was dexterous enough to hold her own or escape if necessary. Her mother taught her to arch in hopes of sidetracking her from causing trouble in the village. She was a natural at it, and practiced every day to please her father, who she looked up to.

Life was quite peaceful in her village. Since it was built into a cliff overhanging the ocean, it was difficult to raid and the Mordok left them alone, for the most part. Freya was an adept swimmer, and her archery skills improved greatly every day [though she often got into trouble for wasting arrows on sea birds]. Eventually, her father started taking her on hunting missions. This was generally a large excursion, where many of the Ulven men and women would travel miles away, into dense forests to track and kill wildlife to later dry and store for the long winters. Mordok became a problem during these excursions. As she grew older, the Mordok became more and more prominent, and grew bolder. Several times they managed to kill some of her pack, and she watched them pass on to the spirit realm. She learned to hate them with a passion, and rightly so.

One night, Freya was perched on a tree stump near the campsite on watch. The fire was low, and most of the hunters had fallen asleep. She was exhausted from the days work, and trying very hard not to doze off. As she sat there nodding off, a Mordok snuck up behind her and grabbed her by the neck, clasping its filthy hand over her mouth. It started dragging her back, but only managed to get a few feet before Freya clamped her sharp teeth around one of it’s fingers and bit it clean off. Screaming with rage, the Mordok threw her to the ground, where she managed to roll back and start crawling back towards the campfire. Gasping for breath, her windpipe nearly crushed, she tried to make it back to camp to warn the others –but the Mordok’s scream had done it for her.

It grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her backwards. She watched as it raised its wicked blade, glinting in the moonlight, and was ready to accept her death. As long as the others made it, that’s all she cared for. Thankfully, one of her pack members ran towards the scream and got there just in time to save her. He slaughtered the Mordok and dragged her back to the safety of the pack.

It was a large Mordok raiding party that was passing through for unknown reasons. The Mordok are filled with hatred and kill without cause. They were eventually dispatched, but many Sjóúlfur were lost. Freya lost her father in that fight. His body was completely surrounded by slain Mordok. The number varies from story to story, but many say he killed around 30 of them before he was overrun. His body was a mangled mess. Some say his spirit still wanders that area in the form of a bear, protecting wanderers from the Mordok, and that the Mordok now fear that place.
Freya was overcome with grief with the loss of her father, and blamed it on herself for her lack of vigilance on watch. Though her pack tried to reassure her that she had woken up the entire hunting party through her valor, she knew the truth. If she had stayed awake, nobody would have died; or at least that is what she told herself. From that point forward she was restless with village life. Her father’s death had changed her.

She packed a small bag of essentials and her bow, and left the village. She was determined to prove to herself that she was strong, and could hold her own. She has spent the last few years roaming Mardrun and killing Mordok. She keeps a string of Mordok teeth with her, one for each Mordok she kills. She has matured greatly while living on her own. Freya is very observant of others, and slow to trust humans and Syndar. She is more at ease with Ulven, but still wary. She is also quite feral, and distrusts magic users, as magic is unnatural to her. At times her mischievous nature shows when she is in a settlement or colony. Most of the time she prefers to stay alone, but her curiosity often overcomes her in town situations, where people are interacting. She tries very hard to maintain a hard outer shell, but the truth is she misses her pack, and having companions, and that shows with her interactions with others. The only thing that is steady with her is her hatred for the Mordok and willingness to work with anyone to kill them.

Character notes:
-Freya speaks in a low, raspy voice since her windpipe was nearly crushed by the Mordok
-Freya is Illiterate. She can not write or read.
-She hates nothing more than the Mordok. She is wary of Syndar and magic users.
-Rev means Fox, and Anda means spirit in Old Norse language.

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