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February 8th, 2014 – Civil War Planning Event

February 2014 Event

== STORY ==
As Clan Grimward raises the stakes on the civil war and continues their conquest of Clan Stormjarl, Clan Nightriver has called for a gathering of allies and delegates of numerous clans. A small village in Clan Nightriver territory near the colony of Newhope will become a meeting place for these leaders and diplomats as colonist settlements, Clan representatives, and faction leaders will discuss alliances and plans for the current civil war.

An ambassador for Clan Nightriver will be in attendance and it is rumored that several representatives for some of the neutral clans will be in attendance along with nobles and delegates of the colony. Clan Nightriver is tasking an entire war pack with security and making sure that the meeting is safe for these leaders, as anyone attending will be issued a warning not to stir up any trouble.

As the fate of Clan Stormjarl and the Watchwolf Clan hinges on the outcome of the war, this meeting could set in motion events that could bring an end to the civil war.

As delegates arrived, old friends were reacquainted and new alliances were formed as political representatives for a number of Clans and Factions were present. The Representative for Clan Nightriver asked hard questions and pressed for answers when the Coalition kept speaking of going to war against Clan Grimward. The decision between saving another clan and protecting their own borders was dominant in most of the discussion. Several of the clans offered help and allegiance to Clan Nightriver’s side in the Civil War but other clans either remained quiet, refused to get involved, or made plays for power in order to gain their support. An agreement was made for Clan Nightriver and some of the colonies to send troops to Clan Stormjarl to provide assistance.

At the conclusion for the dinner, the status of the Civil War was still fragile and undetermined.

Click here for pictures from the event!

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