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February 270

The month is bitter cold as it is every year, however activity with the cities and colonies can be easily noticed by many who live there and spread news.

The Political Gala thrown by the Citystate of Newhope is the talk of the town. Tales of fantastic foods, magical dances, gowns worth as much as a four-hundred silver, and possible political scandals flood the streets. Some of the biggest gossip is that Prince Aylin snubbed the higher ups of the gala by attending the commons feast for half of the event, which seemed to have greatly irked Grand Duke Baron Richards. Another juicy rumor is that of political scandal as a noble of the citystate was caught red handed in an affair during the gala. With the noble disgraced, and the onlookers thoroughly entertained, the night wrapped up with deals and secrets created and honored from the elite of the colonies.

Meanwhile to the north along the shield, rumors of another powerful mordok leader circulate among the outposts at the Shield. Many speak of the brutality of the attacks, and the often left mangled bodies left near the outposts in the night. The greener warriors seemed to be completely spooked by the situation while veteran warriors of the shield recognize the psychological attacks for what they are, and even the most hardened feel a cold chill down their spine as the screams echo in the night.

Along the western coast, Clan Grimward’s smaller but well known Pack Fieldcrow have left their home village to gather for an annual ritual to divine the future and fate of the leaders of the clan.   Each elder and runeseer gather in a single tent where incense is burned and herbs are ingested to help connect with the mana stream and to be closer to Gaia. Each Pack Leader and high ranking member that attends is given their fortune, but to be honest not many of the Pack Leaders seem to give this strange ritual much credence. When they leave, they are not allowed to share the info they are given for the wisdom they were granted was for their ears alone. By the time the week-long ritual is over, many of Clan Grimward’s ranking members have received their fortune, for better or for worse.

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