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February 269

The lands of Mardrun shiver as the blustery cold wind blows through the homes and cities that dot it, however the world still seems to stir within the frozen wasteland. 


To the north along the Shield of Mardrun, the Dirge stirs and releases a hoard of Mordok upon the Ulven along the shield. Many Ulven feel the force of these Mordok as the sheer number of the abyss seems to charge forth and strike. Clan Shattered Spear, Clan Whiteoak, and Clan Axehound warriors, along with those manning the outposts fight the seemingly endless forces. However, as soon as it started, it ended with the forces of the Shield tired and weary. However, war drums can be heard off in the distance; the threat looming over the heads of the who man the shield.


In the colonies of Newhope, a mystery is afoot. For a string of murders are occurring throughout their lands. The bodys are often heavily disfigured and left out in the freezing cold. With this mad individual on the loose, the guards are doing their best to prevent further deaths by increasing patrols and recommending citizens board their windows and not let those they do not know into the buildings. The latest killing was a guard that started this practice and was left a note: Wiser folk than you have stood; Even wiser folk have turned their hood. Hide, run, matters not to me; You can search, fight or even flee. But be warned those who seek; Death awaits all who I deem weak.


In Clan Steinjottun, some hunters discovered a series of caves along the northern coast during a low tide while tracking their quarry.  They went inside the caves and noticed a massive network of tunnels. After searching down one they came across pockets carved into the side of the cave walls. The hunters searched these pockets and found what they believed to be a Lorespeaker cache. As they neared the exit, the cache began to burn their hands and steam. As they wrapped their clothes around the handles the fabric caught fire. They decided to bring it back and were able to do so with moderate burns up on their hands. They left and came back the next day with a Daughter of Gaia, but when they came to where the cave opened into the inner network they found that a rockslide had caused the opening to become buried in a seemingly impenetrable wall of stone.


Fisherfolk from Clan Stormjarl off the coast of Fire Isle celebrate as the fishing season for Red Snapper is beginning. Many fishing boats are hauling in the large red fish by the barrel load, but others are setting their sights on larger fish, such as Marlin and Swordfish. With the winter fishing season underway, a small competition, as usual, breaks out between boats to see who can reel or spear the largest fish.

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