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February 268

The world is frozen by the frigid air that has come off the north seas, even the Mordok in the north have slowed down significantly. Here is some of what was going on in the icy world.


Around the City State of New Hope, there has been a slowly growing issue of banditry along its roads. Even in the cold weather, these ne’er do wells have been sacking  caravan’s along their routes, robbing villages and even some of the supplies going towards the Shield of Mardrun. It seems that these raiders are only just starting, and don’t seem to have a desire to stop anytime soon either.


The Celestial Arragones seems to have revealed some exciting information at the last political dinner, and many are curious as to what may be uncovered. Research teams, theologists, historians, and many adventurers eagerly pack and prepare for the coming dangers and thrills ahead of them. Many are curious to what the purposed Syndar were doing here, others curious about the true nature and origin of the Dirge Swamp.


It seems the security around the mansion of Dominet Martingale has increased a small amount from it’s usual garrison. Many wonder if the partying and generous lord may have made an enemy during one of his lavish nights, or if a group of people are after him for something that he said. Whatever the case, many are curious as to why the sudden change.


Clan Ironmound and Clan Grimward have announced to Mardrun that they are forming a very surprising alliance, and dubbing it the Ironward Alliance. This alliance now gives them strict control over the flow of The Pass in the Great Wolf Hackles, the flow of quality armor and weapons, and military strength. This announcement though has stirred the other clans to begin talks of their own. Diplomats from Clan Shattered Spear and Clan Whiteoak were reported to be seen together at a tavern. Rumors of meetings between Clan Goldenfield and Clan Nightriver have been floating about the two long friendly clans.


At the Shield of Mardrun, the lines report very little activity, only small skirmishers or runners trying to sneak by, with the runners often ending up dead. The battles, if there are any, tend to be quick but never decisive enough for either side to claim victory. Those in their garrisons continue their vigil, some even making snow ulven to make it look as if they are standing guard along some of the outposts walkways and gates.

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