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February 265 – News and Rumors

As reparations begin to filter through to smaller settlements around the continent, with them comes either praise or criticism for Branthur Nightriver and his handling of the situation. Many of the smaller clans, such as Steinjottun and Goldenfield, have been very vocal about their support of the treaty, eager to see an end to the fighting. The reparations doled out to their citizens reinforce these thoughts, rewarding and recompensing them for resources and lives lost in the war. Rebuilding projects begin in full nearly as soon as the supplies arrive, with the looming threat of Grimward conquest all but extinguished by the decisive treaty championed by Branthur. The more neutral Clans of Riverhead and Spiritclaw have yet to sign the treaty but have not voiced that they will not do so; it is unknown what their decision will be.

Others are far less pleased with the treaty, and no less vocal about their opinions. Although the representative of Axhound agreed to the treaty and their Clan will do well with the reparations given to them, the treaty does in fact mean that they lose some of their land to Clan Whiteoak. This aspect has not been seen favorably by some of the Axhound Chieftains and rumor has it that their Clanleader is having a hard time keeping them in check. Clan Stormjarl has continued their tirade against the document they feel has taken too much from them. New Aldoria, expressing their solidarity with this hard-won ally, has also refused to sign the treaty. Word has begun to circulate of these groups being refused their reparations for their defiance. While such an action could lead to a schism that costs Clan Nightriver two of their most substantial allies in the future, only time will tell what the full consequences of the treaty will be and if further meetings and negotiations will help between the leaders of the various Clans.

Clan Ironmound had been a temperamental ally during the war, and their sentiment seems to remain split in times of peace. Many see the aid given by the Coalition as a sign of a change in heart by the colonists. Together they stood and held back the tide of Grimward and Whiteoak warriors and brought the fighting on Mardrun to an end. Others, however, recall the announcement that their clan had joined the Coalition in a whirlwind of political faux pas and a great deal of misunderstandings, rather than remaining neutral in the war as they had originally hoped. Regardless of their feelings towards the Coalition and Clan Grimward, there are few in Clan Ironmound not excited to see the influx of supplies from the reparations. They are calling for allies to join them in rebuilding their homes and defenses as a way to prove to the unconvinced that the alliance they so hastily joined was more than a knee-jerk reaction to Grimward aggression, even if rumors abound about Ironmound already working deals with Clans involved in both sides of the war.

On the other side of the war, all is not well among the alliance responsible for much of the aggression. While Clans Grimward and Whiteoak had been present at the drafting of the treaty and made a show of signing it to end the fighting and conserve that which they had taken thus far, their smaller ally, Clan Squallborn, has also publicly denounced the document. Their small size and isolated location hampered their ability to take new territory during the attacks, and the reparations demanded by the treaty would affect them proportionately harder than either Clan Grimward or Whiteoak. Feeling the treaty unfairly targeted them, rather than the driving force behind the war, Clan Squallborn has refused to sign.

With much of their territory now owned by Clan Grimward, Clan Watchwolf’s people are now openly divided about their future. The eastern Watchwolves are still upset of the conquest and want their people back and the western Watchwolves have seemed to embraced their conquerors, faring better now than they have in a long time. This detail alone has caused more than a few people to wonder if Grimward’s conquest was actually so focused on bloodshed and slaughter, which is what it was so vividly painted as to many people.

Hushed talk among patrons at local taverns detail an incident that took place last month between various factions/adventurers and some soldiers from Daven’s Reach. Rumors vary quite a bit as to exactly what happened, but word has it that Percival, the current leader of Daven’s Reach, has decided not to retaliate against anyone over this incident and has instead punished or banished those responsible. The combined efforts of several different groups appears to have swayed his decision to shape up some of his unruly men, a small victory for those involved in the incident, and a solid step towards the Reach being viewed as a legitimate settlement.

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