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February 22nd, 2020 – Politics and The Arcane Arts

Many heeded the call from Celestial Arragones for assistance, arriving to give their expertise and opinion on how to continue on. The options presented to those who were present were as follows: Did the want to enhance the divination ritual further, delve deeper into the mystery behind corruption magic, study the previous year’s pylon further, a more in depth understanding of the siphoning, or perhaps growing an even more powerful ritual.

Many debated and stated their opinions while others worked steadily on deciphering notes from the Celestial Arragones’s laboratory in hopes of finding more information that could be hidden between lines and forgotten lore. Others smoozed and socialized, making connections with those in power, forging friendships over drink and song, scheming for their own ambitions, and observing all that occurred. The entire time, the research team made progress with what each page deciphered.

As night began to close, the research team decided the time had come to perform the grand ritual that they had been planning for the day. They called together a group of interested participants and decided to focus on what the majority showed interest in, the mysteries behind the corruption. The guards got up, and warned everyone not to approach, or they shall forfeit their life. While some edged closer than they should have, no blood was spilt and the ritual concluded without error. The scholars immediately sent their data to their researchers to begin parsing with the promise that what ever they learned would be shared with the people of Mardrun. It was then they declared where their next venture shall take them, to the center of the swamp, to the center of the Mordok infested land to find out what caused the magically abnormality that hovers around the Dirge.

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