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February 21st, 2016 – War Reparations Dinner Event

Pre-Event Summary
Several months after the armistice meeting and signing of the treaty between Clan Nightriver and Clan Grimward, the fighting across Mardrun has come to a stop. Warriors return home to their villages and settlements, unsure of the status of the civil war and if their allies are still fighting. The speed at which this treaty was signed and the onset of the full winter’s cold was enough to shock the Clans and get them to stop… for now. Blades may be sheathed but words and tempers flare as allies to both Grimward and Nightriver express concern or anger towards the dealings of this treaty. Some feel it is unfair but may be convinced to back down and others seem intent on refusing and continuing the aggression. Clan Stromjarl has been vocal and made it public that at this time they are not agreeing to this treaty, saying that to do so would abandon the lands and the people conquered by Clan Grimward. Rumors and whispers from other Clans and colonies continue as the continent holds its breath to see what happens next.

At the heart of all this is Clan Nightriver, who has recently called for a meeting in allied territory. If Grimward agrees to the treaty signed, then supplies and honor bound ulven are being shifted to their lands. Nightriver has been given these reparations from Grimward and there is talk about how to share those spoils of war with the allies that were involved. A number of allies to Clan Nightriver are intent on approaching the Clanleader or his representatives to ask… or demand… for honored payment or reparation. The Clanleader has agreed to meet with some representatives of each Clan and major colony personally, but has established a secondary meeting for other allies.

The Ravens district of the colony of Newhope was asked to host this meeting. A representative and/or skald from Clan Nightriver is being sent to this meeting in order to meet with a number of allies and participants that fought and helped during the ulven civil war. Coalition members and Allies are traveling to this meeting to state their case and present information to the Nightriver representative in order to receive their fair share of these reparations. Whether by hawk, courier, representative, or in person, representation from numerous factions, groups, and individual people involved in the war are coming to speak their piece. Attendees will have the chance to speak their involvement or their groups involvement and be considered for fair payment.

There is also talk about the groups meeting and discussing the future of the entity known as the Coalition. Only a name currently, the coalition has lacked the leadership needed to make it any kind of true organization… and the members of this group must decide whether it is time to build this group under a common goal and solidify the Coalition… or to abandon it for individual agendas.

Post Event Summary
As the guests to the dinner ate and talked, the meeting began and those that had claim to reparations were asked to stand and address all assembled. A varying amount of claims were made, from long term involvement to boasts of aid and combat prowess on the battlefield. A few letters were read from representatives of Clan Stormjarl and New Aldoria that shocked some of those present. Clan Stormjarl, openly disagreeing with the treaty, had a letter delivered that detailed their refusal to sign the treaty and their intent to continue to fighting against Clan Grimward. Not only that, but terms were delivered to Clan Nightriver from Clan Stormjarl, penned by the Clanleader Graytir himself. These requests were forwarded onward to Branthur, the scope of the requests too large for the meeting. Nonetheless, the openness of Stormjarl’s stance and their forceful nature in delivered terms to continue the alliance had many worried. New Aldoria’s letter of address stated that they would not sign the treaty, one that cut out such a large ally such as Clan Stormjarl.

These claims were heard and considered, and after they were made, the Nightriver representative and her skald took recess with their economical and political advisers to come to an agreed amount of payment. Once they returned, awards were given. In response to New Aldoria’s letter, the Clan Nightriver representative awarded nothing to New Aldoria, which was shocking to those assembled and could bring ill favor to the alliance that New Aldoria has with Clan Nightriver.

After the meeting was concluded, there was talk among the group about trying to reform the Coalition into something that is a tangible entity, not just merely a convenient title with no power. It was met both with agreement and concern, and talks about several different types of treaties and alliances took place as well. As the civil war dies down, the political and diplomat lines appear to be drawn all across Mardrun.

Click here for pictures from the event!

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