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February 21st, 2015 – Newhope Colony Political Meeting

=== STORY ===
Pre Event Summary:
The Colony of Newhope leaders, the Council of Ten, periodically hold meetings to discuss matters of the colony and the overall settlers on Mardrun. Due to recent events and reports of things happening in the settlements, the Council has prepared for their first quarter meeting and have opened up invitations to a number of factions, guilds, settlements, and organizations. Normally, this is done on a bit smaller scale or by individual meetings, but this time the Council has bid everyone welcome to come and discuss matters with the Council.
However, the Council of Ten are also very important and busy people and must tend to the greater affairs of the colony. Representatives and Court Advisors have been selected to receive the diplomats and ambassadors to numerous groups and address their concerns and requests on behalf of a number of the Council members. Further appointments will be made directly with the Council based on the needs of those attending… and perhaps also based on the resources they are willing to share or the coin they are willing to donate… but these Court Advisors are given jurisdiction and resources to handle requests, solve problems, pass judgment on disagreements, initiate deals and alliances, and pay for goods and services.
As leaders and representatives brave the cold and snowy roads to attend these meetings to gain favor and secure resources for the upcoming year, many worry about what the actual agendas of the Council are behind the scenes.

Post Event Summary:
Numerous representatives were in attendance and under the strict guidelines and format of the Court Herald, many meetings and private discussions took place. Baroness Catherine herself was in attendance, as well as advisors or delegates for numerous Council members. During the open floor meeting, messages of unity and expansion were spoken to those in attendance, a letter reached the colony from the Pass saying it is being abandoned, and Baron Richard’s push for power made fully public. A member of the Estate Watch was arrested and carried out when he resigned his post, both an example to those in attendance that nobody is above Colony Law and that suspicious activities are being watched carefully. As the meeting ended, representatives and faction delegates left with pouches loaded with coin for services or details for future contracts and dealings.

For event photos, click here.

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