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February 19th 2017 – Great Work Political Event

Pre-Event Story:

Once again during the cold of winter, prominent figures around Mardrun plan on meeting to discuss actions for the upcoming year. Amidst the chaos gripping Mardrun of the corruption and the changing tactics of the Mordok, the colonies in Clan Nightriver territory continue on with agendas that see a different kind of focus.

Lord Baron Richards and the Council of Ten have let it be known that Newhope is no longer a colony of Faedrun and is to be henceforth known as the City-State of Newhope. This news comes to a shock to a number of people around the continent as the specifics in the background are not yet known. What does this mean for Newhope’s future? What kind of change has happened in regards to the land owned by Clan Nightriver? Assumptions spread like wildfire but it is too early to tell.

To mark this occasion, the City-State of Newhope will be commissioning a Great Work. Several ideas have been put forth by members of the Council for consideration. The Marquess Madeline d’Argent has put forth that the best way to showcase Newhope’s martial strength is to send an armed force to push past the swamp and explore the lands beyond it. The Celestial Arragones, backed by the voices of Lord and Lady Al-Azarma, suggests that the knowledge of Newhope could best be expanded by sending an expedition back to Faedrun to recover books, items of power, and religious artifacts from Tielorrien and other kingdoms. She offers to build a grand library in her district to allow for public viewing of these treasures and further research projects. Dominet Martingale of Westhaven and Duke Joakim Ventrini call for the construction of a great Colosseum in the center of Newhope in order to better showcase the culture of Newhope and provide sporting games to the populace. The Lictor Mary cul Tricuspis proposes the construction of a grand forum where the leaders of Mardrun can discuss and codify laws that may hold sway over all peoples, and where courts can be convinced to bring the justice of Newhope to everyone. Baroness Catherine and Baron Montesque de la Aleine have proposed an expansion of territories, farmlands, and trade-craft programs to help stimulate the economy and agriculture. The public is also encouraged to put forth any ideas they may feel better suited to showcasing the City-State of Newhope. To that end, the Council of Ten and/or their appointed representatives will be holding a series of small public audiences to hear suggestions as to what the people feel this Great Work could entail.

As rumors begin to grow as to what the future goals are of the Council of Ten, one thing is for certain; the ruling nobles will be deciding on and then placing immense focus and resources into this Great Work.

Post Event Story:

The political affair began with light socializing and a brunch and soon the different representatives of the Council of Ten and gathered adventurers and factions began to cover many important topics. The topic of the hour was what the definition of a City-State meant for Newhope, which was quickly answered via a public address penned from Lord Baron Richards. Information was released that a deal had taken place between Clan Nightriver and Newhope and that a swath of land along the coast from Crow’s Landing to Starkhaven was now owned by Newhope. This sent a murmur of shock through those assembled as it confirmed that the land underneath the settlements and other colonies had now changed ownership; notably both Starkhaven and New Aldoria. Whether this would be the start of a stabilization of Newhope territory or the beginnings of a bitter feud between colonies has yet to be seen.

A visiting traveler collapsed in the gathering room, sick and afflicted from corruption, sparking alarm between those assembled. A few brave souls offered to try to help him, discussing what resources were available to those close to hand. This was a bleak reminder that even here, at a secure political function, the corruption finds its way to impact the lives of those on Mardrun.

After many discussions took place involving the different reps and those assembled, notes were gathered and reports were written. The discussions seemed to favor heavily the stability of Mardrun and the infrastructure of the new City-State of Newhope, but there were persistent and convincing voices attempting to sway followers to the forum, the coliseum, the expedition through the Dirge, and the voyage back to Faedrun. The representatives left for the evening to return to their quarters or to report to their respective Council members, their reports and recommendations being submitted to change the face of Mardrun forever.

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