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February 18th, 2018 – Clan Ironmound Social Dinner


Last month’s honored hunt with the Great Wolf was a momentous occasion for the Ulven people. Warriors from all across Mardrun volunteered to be deemed worthy to join the Great Hunt. This honored event, combined with the recent Grand Moot, has raised the morale of the Ulven people considerably. The entire continent seems to be lit up with excitement over this turn of events and the start to this new year with purpose.

Honored as it may be, the Great Hunt is also a terribly bloody event… numerous war packs and dozens upon dozens of ulven are killed during these hunts. The mordok are fought and slaughtered every chance the ulven get and combined with the efforts to clear the forest by adventurers and local warriors, the Great Forest on Mardrun is almost entirely cleared of Mordok. The army of mordok that used the forest to devastate the former Clan Riverhead is no more. Save for a handful of scattered mordok and the surviving shaman that was sighted, the Great Forest is deemed clear. Now, attention turns north to the swamp.

The Wardens, a new faction based out of Clan Ironmound, has been tasked with using their home settlement with being a host to a number of visitors and potential allies or partners to this “shield of mardrun” project. The largest obstacle is the logistical challenge of getting warriors, supplies, and building materials north. This is no small feat and just the coordination alone could prove to be the biggest enemy to this bold new plan. Clan Ironmound has volunteered to become a “central hub” for the coordination north towards the Dirge. Merchants, nobles, warpack leaders and people of note are expected to travel to Clan Ironmound to find a way to get involved… or find a way to profit or gain from this large scale venture.

Whether the momentum of the unified ulven people continues to drive onward or stalls under the weight of logistics and deep rooted feuds has yet to be determined.


Dignitaries and representatives from the largest of the Ulven clans made their way into Ironmound territory to the settlement of Semya Haven, home of the Wardens. Soon enough they were joined by their human and Syndar counterparts. A banquet was prepared and drinks served as the attendees began discussing their business.

Nightriver and Grimward seemed to finally agree on the first point since the civil war, that the Mordok were a credible threat and that the people of Mardrun needed to band together and take the fight into the Dirge Swamp.

Scholars and Griffins of Starkhaven banded together with their Spiritclaw allies, hoping to convince others that the arms race this war would bring required research: the Mordok had several years of preparation, and the Ulven needed to catch up.

Newhope, secure in their location, encouraged a modicum of caution moving forward, preferring to secure the border and strengthen the bonds and economies of their lands in the wake of their recent split.

Clan Stormjarl, bolstered by their New Aldorian allies, sought to sail around the swamp and deposit troops and supplies along the northern coast and forcing the Mordok to fight on multiple fronts and helping to secure a victory for the people of Mardrun.

Despite the many voices calling for attention, those of Nightriver and Grimward were heard the loudest: by calling in favors, making deals, or intimidation, the two clans have convinced a large number of settlements to send what they can spare to the swamp, hoping to push as far northward as possible before the swamp thaws too thoroughly and traversal becomes nearly impossible.



Click HERE to view photos from the event!

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