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February 16th, 2019 – Newhope City-State Gathering Event

Story Info

A deep winter cold has settled into Mardrun, bringing an end to a brutal campaign to the north. Multiple ulven clans were involved in the first ever Dirge Swamp War and after heavy fighting and a coordinated retreat those forces have either returned home or have been stationed at the outposts in the Shield of Mardrun. It is estimated that almost two thousand ulven died in the war but an even greater number of mordok were slain. At this time, the mordok army in the Dirge have not pushed to the Shield of Mardrun and seemed to have simply faded back into the swamp.

Far to the south, the City-State of Newhope is going to be hosting an assembly styled political gathering and dinner. The City-State Council is already starting to plan what they will be doing and what they will be involved in for the upcoming year. Representatives, nobles, and people of note are being invited to this assembly. A gathering like this is a step above a public assembly, similar to what you would see in smaller villages, and a step below a swanky and exclusive political affair. Colonial and Clan representatives will be in attendance to talk to visitors and discuss all sorts of important topics and work towards their agendas. Those planning to attend would be wise to pay attention to customs, manner of dress, and avoid any social faux pas while interacting with others.

Their are two major topics rumored to be talked about at this gathering. The first being that a diplomat from Clan Grimward will be in attendance to talk about life on Mardrun after the Dirge Swamp War. The second being that a representative from Duchess Arragones will be in attendance to discuss a major breakthrough in magical research. Many believe this was due to the breakthroughs and focus last year on different magical projects and the successful evacuation of the scholars of Serai.

After a year of mobilization to war and a harrowing series of battles in the Dirge Swamp, the people of Mardrun look forward to seeing what agendas are on the minds of the different groups. Although seen as boring or stuffy to some of the more adventurous type, these assemblies can be critically important to digging for information, making yourself or your factions known to important parties, or learning what different groups are looking into.

After Event Summary

During the dinner, time was opened up for those in attendance to speak on news of the lands.  Celestial Arragones herself spoke of some new information that had been learned of Mardrun’s history. She says that her researchers are confident that the Syndar have visited Mardrun long ago in the past and that the Dirge Swamp is some sort of unnatural phenomenon. What does this mean other than open up more questions than answer existing ones? The Council member is pushing for expeditions in the near future to seek out some “areas of note” that they have become aware of, possibly to hunt down more answers.

Khulgar Graytide announced that Clans Grimward and Ironmound were coming together to form an alliance for prosperity and defense of each other, aptly named the Ironward Alliance. Ideas for the future of the Shield were put forward but no hard decisions were made. Tensions between Clan Grimward and Clan Stormjarl representatives came to a head, but representatives for both sides seemed intent on pushing for their views to be heard and acknowledged. Whether this boils over into (more) open conflict remains to be seen.

The rest of the dinner went without a hitch as those in attendance ate and shared stories and ideas for the future.

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