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February 11th, 2011 – Last Hope Combat Event

Scenario #1
A handful of elite Vandregon soldiers went out on a dangerous mission to move through penitent lines and get to a village near the coast. The village contained a boat that was almost complete and was seaworthy if repaired.
After punching through the penitent lines with speed, the Vandregon infantry setup a defense in the village. A Vandregonian Ranger and a ship’s crew began to work on fixing the boat enough so that it would sail… but they needed time.
Small groups of penitent threw themselves at the defenders in an attempt to overrun them. The ranks of penitent were joined by undead eventually as reports of the soldiers made its way to other penitent groups. The Vandregon soldiers held them back and stayed alive long enough for the ranger and the ship crew to fix the small boat, but there was not enough room or supplies to carry everyone.
In a valiant charge, the Vandregon infantry counter attacked the penitent lines and pushed them away from the coast. They took the fight to the enemy and were slain, one by one, as the numbers and wounds overwhelmed them. They gave their lives to buy the Ranger time to get out to sea without being pursued.

Scenario #2
The woods near the Wayward Inn were dangerous as reports filtered in about a large group of Mordok roaming the area. New Aldoria sent an armed escort for their emissary, who was to deliver a letter to the political dinner in Newhope, but they were moving through these dangerous roads and Pack Graytide warriors were scouting the area.
Bloody skirmishes broke out along the roads as the Mordok attacked. The guards escorting the emissary were able to protect him long enough to get him to the border of the colony to deliver the message. They were attacked upon their return and several guards were killed, but the message was delivered from Prince Aylin of New Aldoria.
Pack Graytide warriors took the brunt of the attack on the roads and met the Mordok head on. Through a serious of intense and bloody fights, Pack Graytide killed numerous Mordok but lost over 10 warriors in the fight. The Mordok were cleared out of the area but Graytide warriors limped their wounded to the Newhope colony in order to seek healing and supplies. With the roads open, Khulgar Graytide was able to make it to the colony to represent Clan Grimward and to deliver the message from the Watchwolves Clan.

Photos from the event!

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