Played by: Jimmy McCann (jabez.m.007@gmail.com)
Name: Faolan (Fay + lawn)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Human from
the May’Kar Dominion
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Class: Mage
My name is Faolan. I’ve been told that my green eyes could capture ones soul. Most
would consider me sharp and tactical. I was 12 and alone when I was put on one of the boats
to Mardrun, yet I do not remember anything of Faedrun except for the terrors every night.
When I arrived in the colony, one of the peasant families was kind enough to take me in.
This family had absolutely nothing, but this only taught me to depend on myself for survival.
When I finally came of age it became clear that I needed to leave. Since then, I have traveled
these lands searching for answers about my real family, and from what I’ve found so far it’s
not necessarily a history to be proud of. Everywhere I go I’m always looking for more
answers, but I will never speak directly of what I learned about where I am from.
In my journeys I have lived with paupers and thieves, travelers and pirates, and even
the Ulven. I’ve learned my trades from those that I have shared the road with by watching and
feverishly asking questions of them. I have found some peace in learning everything I can in
this world. When our paths do eventually split, I find that continuing my travels on my own is
best for just about everyone.
There is one woman that has been a part of my adventure for sometime now. Our
paths crossed when I confronted a couple of unsavory fellows that were harassing her just
outside of a village. After the dispute was “settled” I found myself taken aback by her aura. At
the time, I decided to travel with her to the next village to ensure her safety, but after we went
our separate ways, I was unable to stop thinking about her. I made sure our paths crossed
again before she headed out to the next village and offered to protect her along the road
again. After traveling together like this for awhile, I finally expressed my feelings for her.
Luckily, the feeling was reciprocated.
I fight as a last resort, and take a life only as a necessity. I protect that which I love,
and will play my part in a group when it suits my needs.
My honor finds trouble for me, but I always seem to prevail.

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