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Factions and Nations

Titles, Nobility, and Achievements of Prestige:
The following list is the streamlined and “current” system of titles, nobility, and proper address for Last Hope (Mardrun colony time-frame)
Titles of Prestige and Peerage


Nations and Kingdoms of Faedrun
The Kingdom of Vandregon
A massive human nation that spanned most of the southern continent of Faedrun. The kingdom was devastated during the great war against the undead.

The Kingdom of Aldoria
Aldoria was a merchant nation that held a grudge against Vandregon for many years. They took a background approach to the war on Faedrun and were eradicated almost to a man when the undead marched through their lands. Aldoria funded the colony and the boats sent across the seas.

The May’Kar Dominion
A human nation that created a beautiful city on an oasis. Proud of their spirituality and tolerance, they were critical in the beginning relationships with the Syndar. They are shrouded in mystery and shame as most of their citizens suddenly followed the penitent faith and betrayed Vandregon.

The Yabantu Triumverate
A human nation located to the south of the May’Kar Dominion, separated from it only by a relatively narrow stretch of Vandregonian land. They are known for their incredibly skilled craftspeople as well as the unmatched quality of their materials. They did not have a full standing army, but instead helped to provide weapons to fight the undead. When the May’kar turned the Yabantu largely saw the writing on the walls, many left their homes and travelled into the better protected hearts of Aldoria and Vandregon. Their artisans were invaluable in aiding the production of ships in Aldoria to flee the continent.

The Warring Kingdom of Richtcrag
A human nation comprised of several semi-independent provinces. Too scattered and tribal to mount an effective army, they occasionally raid the nations to the north and south. Their mercenaries are some of the finest in the world.

Nara Pentare
Found to the east of Richtcrag, this ancient province is home to beautiful poetry, a rigid and bureaucratic society, and a complicated code of honor and tradition. Secretive and isolated, they see the other human nations as nothing more than barbarians, something which is not helped by the nearby presence of Richtcrag.

The Kingdom of Tielorrien
The largest Syndar nation to the north of the Celestial Mountains, Tielorrien is home to most of the Syndar population.

The Kingdom of Fawyth
A reclusive Syndar kingdom in the mountains, they are known for their vast trade and merchant network and mechanical crafts.

The Kingdom of Lairthuduil
The third largest of the Syndar kingdoms. They are known for their agriculture and herbalist pursuits.

The Kingdom of Karindren
A hearty sea faring Syndar kingdom who found themselves wiped out by an unexplained tsunami. Their people sailed north instead of joining the rest of the colonists on Mardrun. Their fate is unknown.


The Settlements and Clans of Mardrun
Newhope Colony
The colony, home to several thousand refugees from Faedrun, is ruled by 6 nobles that all contribute to the economy, security, and politics of the colony. The nobles are in close relations to Clan Nightriver, the Ulven Clan generous enough to give them land to settle on.

New Aldoria
A small settlement that is second largest only to the colony of Newhope. Rules by the prince of the late King of Aldoria, the settlement welcomes visitors and new settlers and is growing in size.

The fortress settlement of the Order of Arnath

Daven’s Hold
A former merchant trading post, newly recovered back from pirates, raiders, and traders. Now a well established Colony under the Council of Three

The Sojourners
A close-knit group of wandering nomads that roamed Faedrun and now live on Mardrun as a traveling caravan.

Aylin’s Reach
Soverign Lands under the control of Prince Aylin of Aldoria on the Eastern Coast of Mardrun.


The Fire Isle
The island settlement that is home to the Phoenix Syndar.

The Village of the Jaguar
The home village of the Io’Larian Tribe of The Jaguar

The Shattered Villages
The loose collection of villages of The Shattered Tribes of Io’Larian Syndar

The Calavera
An Io’Larian tribe living on an island off the East coast of Mardrun


Clan Nightriver
The largest Ulven clan on Mardrun. Made up of proud and honest Ulven, their size lends them to be very diverse from one pack to another. Led by Branthur Nightriver, this clan was at the forefront of relations with the colony and gave them land to settle on.

Clan Grimward
The second largest Ulven clan on Mardrun. Most of the Ulven that come from Grimward are more somber and superstitious than the other clans. Clan Grimward is currently pushing for extermination or banishment of the colony of “outsiders”.

Clan Stormjarl
A larger clan seated completely in Clan Grimward territory, they focus heavily on farming, fishing and trade. Home to some exceptional farmers, craftsman and hunters. This clan also owns and is skilled at using more boats than any other Ulven clan.

Clan Spiritclaw
Ulven dedicated to knowledge and learning who are home to more Truth Seekers than any other Clan.

Clan Whiteoak
A smaller clan that frequently uses white markings on their face and has a strict caste system.

Clan Watchwolf
A smaller clan that has two settlements, a varied culture from other clans, and a belief around a sacred pledge.

Clan Steinjottun
Arguably the greatest Falconers on Mardrun, this small clan holds a reverence to the Great Forest to rival that of Riverhead.

Clan Axhound
A small clan compared to the others, the fierce warriors of Clan Axhound have been embedded in a vicious feud with Clan Whiteoak for generations.

Former Clan Riverhead
Bordering on the Great Forest, Clan Riverhead’s strict adherence to tradition and reverence for Gaia’s sacred land often puts them at odds with the more industrious Clan Ironmound.

Clan Ironmound
The shapers of the finest steel on Mardrun, Clan Ironmound took their name from the rich iron deposits in their territory.

Former Clan Squallborn
Though they cannot match Clan Stormjarl in size or military strength, the history of Clan Squallborn as sailors drastically increases the influence of the small clan.

Clan Goldenfield
Expert farmers, the populace of Clan Goldenfield takes more pride in working their fields than defending them, often relying on the service of more militant clans to protect their lands in exchange for food during trying times.

Clan Shattered Spear
Warriors through and through, the people of Clan Shattered Spear have served as a barrier between the Dirge Swamp and the southern clans throughout recorded history.

The Clanless
Several packs do not owe allegiance to any clan, opting instead to follow their own path and seek out their vision of the greater good.

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