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Elzerith – [Renowned]

PLAYED BY: David Brunes




AGE: 38

RACE: Celestine Syndar (Gold)

HAIR: Blonde (though usually covered)

EYES: Purple

OCCUPATION: Faction Leader and Scholarly Researcher

KNOWN SKILLS: Reading, writing, arcane magic, and being the voice of Sol

BIRTHPLACE: Tielorrien

APPEARANCE: Gold skin, head wrapped in white silk, fine clothing of primarily whites and golds, a jacket with the Blades of Sol symbol on back

NOTABLE TRAITS: Gold Skin, head wrap, aura of superiority

RELATIONSHIPS: Leader of The Blades of Sol and soon to be friend and ally of many

RUMORS: A bit pompous, claims to be chosen of Sol purely based on skin color, trying to retake Faedrun with group of peasants who he is claiming to be making clerics of Sol

Character: Elzerith
Elzerith was taken from his parents as birth, and in accordance with syndar tradition, was left to a company of higher ranking scholars to be taught in the ways of the arcane. Ly’Siir Windweaver was given stewardship over the young Elzerith, whom he raised like his own child. Elzerith was a natural at all things magic from an early age, taking to his lesson like a duck to water. Ever more, his curiosity and thirst for knowledge grew into a tool for mischief as he grew into his talents.
During one of his late night study sessions, he decided to make an attempt at one of the more difficult schemes he had been working on; getting into the library at night. It was under guard after the sun faded every night, but the perfect opportunity had presented itself. Ly’Siir had concluded their lesson that day with a tome he took from one of the restricted sections. And it just so happens that Elzerith had quietly lifted the key to that particular section of books off of Ly’Siir’s keyring while the old mage was leaving the library. Now was the time; the risk would be worth it. He had to try.
Elzerith had made a reputation for himself, even at this young age, as a strong willed and clever negotiator, as well as a devious wordsmith. His charisma was one of his greatest strengths, and he knew how to use it. A few white lies here, a few honeyed words there, a favor now for a favor later, and he was past the library sentries. The gate to the restricted books section was made of thick iron and was lightly enchanted. It was obvious that nobody was meant to be there without permission; the perfect place to find something interesting. Elzerith leisurely strolled the locked book cases lining the walls, scanning the shelves inside for anything that caught his eye. There had to be something in here that would make the laundry duty he had promised to do later worth it. And that’s when he saw it, tucked away in the farthest corner of the tallest shelf at the back of the library; a small, red leather bound journal. What could something so mundane be doing in such a conspicuous spot? His curiosity got the best of him, and he unlocked the bookcase to retrieve the tome.
The candle light of his makeshift workstation flicked slightly as Elzerith opened the small notebook before him. These appeared to be notes. They discussed some abstract functions of a magic Elzerith did not understand. There were foreign glyphs and sequences that were unlike any of the spellcraft he had ever studied in the past, but what did it mean? He flipped through the pages looking for something that would clue him in as to what exactly this magic was meant to do. More glyphs, some diagrams, a few scribbles and the odd familiar word. Page after page ruffled passed without anything of substance. He understood, by the halfway point, that something had changed. The notes had left the realm of experimentation; he could see that. Now there was writing. Instructions! This was it!
As he began to read further, the large library doors flung open. Damn it! He just needed more time. He thought quickly. How long until the person who came notices the candlelight? In a moment of panic, Elzerith snuffed the candles with a flick of his wrist and started making his way back to the shelves. He just needed to get this manuscript back where he found it. He could probably make up an excuse if he were caught, but not with this in his possession. As Elzerith reached the bookcase to put the tome back, he heard the jingle of keys. Then there was a metallic thunk. The tumbles in the iron lock sounded like lead weights in the silence of the previously empty library. There was no time. He could never make it out without being seen. With a quickness reserved only for the most desperate, Elzerith pushed the notebook back into place and scurried beneath the nearest table. He banked on the darkness hiding his movement from the person who was now walking the same section. The slight click of hard soled shoes echoed in the night. They drew closer; louder. However, after the initial panic subsided, Elzerith noticed that whoever was in here with him was not carrying a candle. He couldn’t see any light source from beneath his makeshift hiding spot. What sort of prefect wouldn’t carry a light source? Perhaps one of the mages came here? But that wouldn’t make sense. So few people even had keys to this place, and Elzerith was sure he hadn’t let on where he would be. Why would anyone be here at this time of night? Who is this?

As Elzerith pondered, the footsteps stopped. His breath caught in his throat as he realized the faint shimmer of polish leather boots mere inches from his face. This person had walked right up to his hiding table, in the dark no less. They must have seen the candle light when they entered the library. Despite this, Elzerith wouldn’t move. There was still a chance, if faint, that he could make it out scot free. So he held his breath, and tried to be as still as the dead. The boot in front of his face stirred slightly as weight shifted as though this person was looking down at the tabletop above. A snap rang out in the dark, and suddenly there was a faint light flickering off of the murky library. They lit a candle! Elzerith might be able to finally see who this is. He took the new light’s welcomed shadows to try and make out a silhouette. The shadows were long and dancing on the many wooden bookcases and shelves, but Elzerith swore he could make out a hood. A long coat or robe, with a cowl-like hood. This didn’t seem right. Most of the mages here only ever wore simple robes, and he never remembered a hood outside of their winter wear. Come to think of it, nobody had ever worn such polished boots aside from the head scholar herself, but this person was unmistakably male. Their shoulders were wide, and as well as their stance.

As Elzerith reeled at the possibilities, the stranger turned to walk away. They walked with purpose towards the bookcase Elzerith had just stashed the manuscript. This was not good. The hooded man seemed to know exactly what he was looking for, his every step sure and true. No hesitation. As the backdraft of his coat wafted passed Elzerith’s face, an unmistakable odor came with. A putrid concoction of damp earth, decay, and… Blood. Elzerith’s eyes darted to the floor where the man has been standing, and saw the faint sheen of his crimson boot print glimmer in the candlelight. Panic was the only word running through Elzerith’s mind as the man, nay, the murderer reached for the manuscript. That was his target. The notebook. Elzerith knew not what this stranger’s intent was; only that it could not be good. He steeled himself to confront the hooded man. He would have to stop him. He needed to be questioned, stopped, anything. However when he commended his body rise, his arms would not obey. He called to his leg to spring to their feet, but they would not listen. He thought to yell for the prefects outside, but the words refused to leave the safety of his mind. He was paralyzed. Elzerith did not want to throw himself into danger, and he could feel just how dangerous this person was. A menacing aura laid heavy in the air, and it held Elzerith where he lay.

As he lay beneath the table, he silently cried out for help. He couldn’t let this happen without doing anything, but his fear held him back. Elzerith closed his eyes tight, struggling against his own better judgment so as to free himself from the shackles that bound him to inaction. And as he strained, from within his mind he heard and faint echo.

“Rise” the echo called.

Elzerith could barely hear over his panic, so he focused; just for a moment. Then he heard it again.

“Rise”, said the void, louder than before. Its voice was calm, and warm. Comforting. Empowering. Elzerith tried to obey, but again, his body would not move. He breathed deeply so as to calm himself. The stench that had hung in the air now faded to the back of his mind, and he whispered,
“This one hears you.”
And from the darkness of his mind, and golden light shown. It warmed his spirit, and he felt the weight of his panic lift like a stone from his back. He opened his eyes, and fixed his gaze on the hooded man, now flipping through the notebook in his hand.
“This one is ready”, he called to the light.

“THEN RISE”, the voice boomed, zealous and strong. The weight of the voice shattered the shackles that bound Elzerith, and he rose.

He came to his feet in front of the table, casting a shadow as he did. The hooded figure froze where he stood, letting the page in his fingers flutter back to the binding. Elzerith stood defiantly as the man turned to look at the disturbance. As the candlelight cast upon his face, Elzerith saw the icy gaze of conviction stare back at him. The two glared at each other for a moment. Elzerith tried gauging the man’s intent, but he was impossible to read. His face read blank, with barely a glint of fear or anger. Just a frigid calm. Elzerith was the first to break the silence.
“Who are you?” he demanded, his voice bouncing off the walls as the direct question left his lips.
The man stared, and said nothing. He did not move or react. He simply stared blankly.
So, throwing all fanciful speech away again, Elzerith demanded, “Who are you!?”
This time, the hooded stranger did react. He smiled slightly.
Elzerith was taken aback for only a moment before he noticed the man’s fingers moving.
Somatic gestures. He was spooling!
Without hesitation, Elzerith whipped his hands forward.
The hooded figure crashed into the bookcase with a deafening crack. The shelves behind him crumbled from the force, and the volumes of tomes came crashing down in an avalanche of leather and paper. Elzerith didn’t not waste a second. He approached the pile of books and spooled more mana of his own into a bolt of energy. He grounded himself, and focused. He waited some sort of movement, any twitch that would give him an excuse to fling his bolt. He knew the ruckus would attract the prefects, so he simply needed to wait. The book pile shifted slightly as the man beneath stirred. Elzerith took a moment to use his off-hand to throw a few books from the top of the pile. The stranger’s head slowly rose from the pile, no doubt made timid from the magic bolt staring him in the face. His smile was now gone, and replaced with a wide eyed gaze of delirious bewilderment. A small cut from his forehead drizzled blood down his ghost white face, pooling near his lips. Elzerith had done some damage, and felt he now had the upper hand. As the man, now unhooded and reeling, began to reorient, Elzerith spoken again, this time with a slight air of smugness.

“I will ask one more time… Who are you?” He spoke clearly and slowly, mimicking the calm voice that had brought him to his feet. The man once again just stared. Then the smile came back, fainter than before, and though it hurt him to do so. And then a sharp exhale, and small chuckle, and laugh. A deep, unhinged chortle, mad and unnerving. The insane laughter pierced the darkness around them. As he laughed, the books shifted around, rolling and shaking as the mad mage’s body convulsed. Elzerith readied his bolt, poised to take the man’s life should he make a move. The man began to stand, wide eyed and cackling. Horror gripped at Elzerith’s heart, but he would not falter. As the stranger began to stand further, he crumpled slightly as pain shot through his body, but he only laughed harder at this. When he finally rose to his full height, he shakily answered.

“Why should that matter?” His voice was strangely calm, annoyingly so.

“This one asked you a question, and this one expects a proper answer! Who are you!?!” barked Elzerith.
“This one has played enough games to know when one is stalling! Give answers or there will soon be a hole through your chest!” Elzerith eyed the man intently, ready to strike.
The man’s smile disappeared. His eyes did not flinch from Elzerith’s face, nor did his feet move from their spot. That damned stare again.
The man spoke softly, “Do you truly want to-“
“YES!” Elzerith interjected. The man’s gaze softened slightly, and he took a single step forward.
The bolt of energy slammed into the mage man’s chest with an ethereal crack, followed by blinding light. Elzerith took a moment to regain his bearings. Why would they move? As his sight returned, he saw the crumpled form of the stranger curled at his feet. Elzerith took a second to look closer, and saw that he was still breathing.
“Thou are a resilient man, this one shall give you that.” Elzerith smarmed.
“Now, if one wants to live, try following these instruction carefully, because this one will not continue being gentle further forward. Answer this simple question. Who. Are. You?” Elzerith’s voice remained calm, but commanding. He knew the man was a goner, but he needed a name. This transgression was assuredly going to be investigated. The broken man coughed up a bit of blood before he spoke.
“-cough- -cough-… The fact… that you ask at all… betrays your lack of understanding.” the man wheezed.
“You… and your people… know of our… our deeds… They know… as well as us… of the end…”
The man shifted his body to lie on his back, the impact would charred and bleeding as he continued.
“My name… means nothing! It is… a useless thing. I see that now… Before we were lost… and now we are prepared…”
Elzerith’s patience began to waver at the mad man’s ramblings.
“What does that mean, wretch!” Elzerith’s boot planted squarely on the man’s wound. He sputtered at the pain, and pleadingly grasped at Elzerith’s leg for relief. None would come. Not yet.
“Explain”, Elzerith demanded, his boot applying more pressure as he spoke.
The man grimaced and gasped. His nails dug into Elzerith’s leg, but he would not relent.
“They!…” The man struggled to speak through the pain.
Elzerith shifted his weight back, relieving some of the pressure. Just enough to let him breath.
The man stammered faintly again “They…”
He couldn’t make a sentence anymore, he was obviously done for. Elzerith took his foot off of the dying man with an exasperated sigh. He needed more information. Just as his foot hit the floor, the doors to the library once again flung open with a heavy thud. Elzerith turned to face the noise, when his feet were taken out from under him. Elzerith fell to the floor, dizzied by the unexpected fall. The library began to fill with barks and the clatter of boots on the polished wooden floors. The prefects! Suddenly, Elzerith was forcibly flipped onto his back. The wounded man. He was standing over Elzerith, seemingly as strong as he had been before he crashed through the bookcase. The only clue that he was injured was the gentle and steady flow of blood coming from the man’s chest and mouth. He grabbed Elzerith by his coat and lifted him off of the ground and into the air.
“What manner of magic is this?!?” Elzerith stammered, the last of his bravery withering in the face of what could only be described as madness.
At this, the man’s face contorted slightly. That smile… Much wider than before. Wide eyed, the mad man spoke, “Do you see now? You must! You see the futility of your ways. All of your struggles, your hardships, all of it is for naught.” Hes face drew nearer to Elzerith’s own as he continued.
“We know the reason for the pain, and we know how to cure it. Give in… Join us” he whispered. Elzerith squirmed and writhed in his grasp, but could not get free. As he struggled, the Iron gates to that section began to clang and scrap. Lightly muffled over the heartbeat in his ears, Elzerith could make out the voices.
“You! Stop! Unhand the boy!” Cried one
“Get the door open!” Barked one in the back
“The lock’s been sabotaged!” pleaded another.
And then there was a mighty clang of metal colliding with metal. These were no prefects. These were the armed guards that protected the grounds. The clangs continued, steady and ever more desperate.
“Break down the door, men! Come on! There’s a boy in there!” The desperation was evident in his voice.
Elzerith looked back at the mad man’s face. He was watching the gate intently perhaps gauging the amount of time he had. His cold blank expression gradually contorted into one of rage. He once again brought Elzerith close to his face, where the words would be all too clear over the havoc.
“They are coming, young one. They will spare nothing for there is nothing here worth saving. Repent and join the Penitent, or die a martyr for this world’s sins.” The man seethed. Every word was filled with an unnerving blend of hate and desperation. The stench of blood and burnt flesh made the words all that much more putrid as they left this deranged man’s mouth.
With that, the “penitent” threw Elzerith back and into one of the tables, knocking the wind out of him. The man darted towards the book pile just as the iron gates came crashing to the ground. Elzerith watched through a dazed fog as the man procured the manuscript, pocketed it, and made a dash for the window just as the guards were upon him. Two guards made their way to Elzerith as the others attempted to apprehend the stranger, but to no avail. The man projected a wave of force at the window, shattering it with easy, and jumped. Elzerith could just barely make out the mad laughter of the man as he fell toward the ground.
“Guards! Retrieve the body, and ensure there are no others skulking about! I want that tome returned and put under a 24 hour watch, immediately!” commanded a familiar voice.
“Ly’Siir?” Elzerith muttered, too dizzied to know for sure.
“Elzerith?” It was Ly’Siir. Elzerith had never heard his commanding voice outside of their weekly spellcraft training. Ly’Siir hurried to the boy.
“Is one alright? Were you injured? Why are you here?!?” the old syndar fretted. The anxiety in his voice betrayed his shock, and his befuddlement.
Elzerith began to compose himself, and he began to take in the fact that he was no longer in danger.
“I’m… I’m fine, Ly’Siir.” He said, with only a little bit of grogginess in his voice.
The old syndar wrapped his arms around Elzerith in a tight embrace. While doing so, he checked Elzerith’s body for any visible wounds… Just to be sure. Once Ly’Siir was convinced his student was ok, he smacked Elzerith across the face.
“OW! Why?!?” complained Elzerith, not more than a little started by the sudden teaching lesson.
“What thoughts could possess one to think it alright to find their way here? This section of the library is highly restricted! Only this one and a small select others have keys to this place! How did -“ His words trailed off as he realized what had happened. He checked his hip pouch to confirm his suspicions when Elzerith meekly produced Ly’Siir’s key-ring from his belt.
“Oh Elzerith, no…” Ly’Siir was visibly upset by this.
“What… what did you find?” inquired Ly’Siir. By his demeanor, he was not prepared to know the answer. Elzerith answered honestly,
“This one… found a small manuscript. A notebook… From over there,” He pointed.
Ly’Siir whipped around to look where he was pointing, and then reeled back around, panic in his eyes.
“What was read? What was learned?!?” Ly’Siir shook as the questions left his lips. Again, Elzerith answered truthfully.
“Nothing…some notes, and diagrams. A few somatic gestures. This one couldn’t understand any of it. Most of it was in a language unknown… This one was interrupted before more than half way through.”
Ly’Siir’s figured slummed in relief as he let out a sigh.
“Good… that is good…” His composure cracked slightly as a tear ran down his cheek. Once again, Ly’Siir embraced his student. This time, Elzerith returned that embrace, and they stayed like that for a few moments. Once concluded, Ly’Siir stood and held out his hand for Elzerith.
“Come, there is much to talk about.” He beckoned.
Elzerith took hold, stumbling slightly as he got to his feet. Ly’Siir led Elzerith through the growing crowd of guards, prefects, teachers, and mages gathering in the library. As they left, Elzerith was met with the bodies of the two sentries that were standing guard when he entered earlier that night.

Elzerith froze. He was sure he hadn’t heard anything before that madman entered the library. How were they…
“Death magic…” Ly’Siir stated grimly.
Elzerith turned to Ly’Siir. The grief was evident in both of their faces. They locked eyes, and then turned their gazes back at the corpses. Horrific visages were upon the faces of the corpses. They looked to have died in pain, suffering, and full of fear. This was not a way for one to die, none should ever die in such a way.
Elzerith began to feel a wetness on his cheeks. He hadn’t even notice he was crying. He hurried to wipe the tears from his eyes.
“There seems to be a bother within one” Ly’Siir asked, compassionately in the standard roundabout way.

“Yes, This… This one just forgot to do some laundry tonight…”

Ly’Siir and Elzerith spent the rest of the night discussing the details of the event. What exactly Elzerith saw, what he was told, what the cultist was like, and the various details of his actions in the library. Elzerith, however, was still caught in his head over the two men at the door. The image of the lifeless bodies that had been so alive not an hour prior was jarring. Elzerith couldn’t sleep that night. Even though Ly’Siir had assured him that there was nothing he could have done, and that he shouldn’t feel guilty for acts that he was powerless to stop, Elzerith felt a crushing guilt all the same. That night, he fell into a restless sleep. Dark and blank, Elzerith stewed in his mind, contemplating, seething, mourning. As he dreamt, though, he felt a familiar presence. The blankness of his sleep was replaced by a glimmering void of white, and a voice called out to him saying,
“You did well, young Elzerith. You have proven to me the strength you hold within; the strength to persevere in the face of death.” The voice was calm and clear. I warmed Elzerith’s heart just as it had back in the library.
“But… that was you. Without your help, this one would not have had the strength to move, much let confront that fiend of a man.” Elzerith countered. He felt foolish for his inaction. He was grateful to whatever this was, but felt unworthy to receive praise. “This one still would have been hiding under that table were it not for you.”
“Uncertainty is understood, but in response… Who was the one who stood up? Stood up when things seemed the bleakest, and facing down one’s fear? There may have been faltering, but the only intervention was reminding one of their true strength.” The voice countered back with reassurance. Elzerith couldn’t think of a retort to that.
“This one is unsure they understand…” Elzerith felt he couldn’t grasp the facts. His mind was still reeling from the ordeal earlier that night, and couldn’t formulate a rational thought.
The voice spoke again, louder and with authority. “One need not understand, they need only listen. A path has been set before one this day, and ’tis one of many woes. The world is changing. As one sleeps, the dead rise and the light fades all over this land. Though there are those who cling to what they have, powers conspire against us. It may already be too late for Faedrun. However, night is always darkest just before the dawn. A new light shall break forth from the horizon, bathing the blood stained sands of Faedrun’s shores with righteous conviction. You, young Elzerith, have a role to play in all of this. You are strong, and with good heart. In the dark days ahead, there will be others that look to you for guidance. That strength to stand before the dark will be one’s greatest ally. Heed these words, Elzerith. A path shall be discovered, and the truth of destiny shall be known.”
The light began to fade. “One will stand here again, when all is said and done, but then one shall stand as a true hero. A beacon to all the peoples of Faedrun. Go! Find the path to salvation!” The voice trailed off as the darkness of sleep returned.

Elzerith woke the next day with a start. Had that been a dream? It felt so real. The same feelings from back in the library still lingered in his drowsy mind. Perhaps even that was a dream… One look at Ly’Siir’s face from the foot of his bed said otherwise.

The following months were filled with strife. The undead that had been plaguing the lands to the north were making unnerving progress, with unheard of speed. The penitent began cropping up more and more all across Faedrun, and the powers that be threw all they could and the coming hordes to no avail. Ly’Siir continued to train Elzerith in the intervening time, nurturing his skills. However, both of them knew that time was running short. One day, Ly’Siir showed up to their lesson with a pack. It was time. The undead rampaged through the countryside, and while the two never thought this time would come, circumstance had proven far more fickle than anyone could have predicted. Ly’Siir silently handed the pack to Elzerith; the old mage doing his best to hold back the sorrow in his heart. Along with the pack was a map. It was marked on one of the nearest sea shores, about a 4 day’s travel from their home. It was annotated with the words “Go HERE, and don’t look back. I will find you.” The scrawl was shaky. Elzerith looked up from the map only to see Ly’Siir walking away. He had never been one for goodbyes, nor ones under such duress. Elzerith was wise enough to know that he might never see his mentor again. Ly’Siir had responsibilities to their order. First and foremost was the protection of the knowledge they held. As the undead march ever onward, the mages would stay behind so as to prevent those of ill-motive from getting their hands on those most powerful of magics. So, as Ly’Siir walked, he was stopped in his tracks by Elzerith’s embrace. They held each other for what felt like an eternity that neither wanted to end. When they finally tore themselves away, they silently thanked one another for everything.
Ly’Siir was never reported on any boats…

As Elzerith pondered his fate on that boat sailing across the seas to a land he knew nothing about, he thought back to that dream. “Find the path to salvation” he spoke under his breath. The words echoed in his mind, and he felt that night rush back to view. The cultist stood before him once more, but just like that night he felt no fear. He saw the ghost white visage of a perilous end, and he stared defiantly back. He could see the weaknesses, the pride, and the madness. All of it culminated in… just a man. And it was there that Elzerith started to understand. He was just a man. Mortal, with flaws and desires. Men can be understood. They can be defeated. He thought to the lands he was leaving, only being able to imagine the destruction that would spread, and felt wronged. Wronged by the world, but most of all wronged by men. Those who would turn their back on the world and embrace destruction without a fight. They are why we evacuated. They are the reason we are left without hope. However, as Elzerith thought, he did not feel fear, or sadness, or even anger. He was filled with conviction. He turned back, facing the Faedrun coast as it began to slip beneath the horizon, and made a promise.

He would return, and with him would come the light of a new day.

In the following years, there was much strife. Unrest was abundant. Elzerith worked with numerous scholars and various colonists. A small name was made for himself being the Gold Celestine, the one odd syndar who seemed to determinedly walk a lost path. Straying an unknown path with conviction.
Elzerith was escorted around in a new and unfamiliar way, one without Ly’Siir and the prefects to guide and order him. The scholars who made their way to the boat had tried to order Elzerith around, but were overtaken by the captain in command at the time. Once Elzerith found his way onto the new land, he had wandered for quite some time. Dates seem to evade the syndar as the newfound curiosity from freedom overwhelmed the syndar. Many taverns allowed him to stay for no cost to him as he was just a wandering spectacle to them that brought in quite a few extra patrons who wanted to see the odd golden syndar, or for some that wished to see one born from a god continue to be unharmed.
As the travels in the new land continued in hopes of finding where one was supposed to be, Elzerith found himself followed by quite the band of newly made friends. Scholars and various syndar who wished to see a prized member of their society unharmed, humans who saw protecting one made of gold to be worth their time if they could charge the right person for their services, and even the odd ulven who had too much parental instinct to let such a lost and naive person continue on alone. But as the fates would have it, one day another sign from Sol presented itself.
Elzerith was wandering through a town on his way back to New Hope, where he had heard another prominent celestial was located, when he heard someone bursting forth from a house. Shouts of concern followed an estranged and haggard human man as they approached Elzerith.
“I have been given a sign! A vision! A quest from Sol himself!” Shouted the individual. “I, Voltaire, am to be your blade. Sol commanded me to find their golden disciple who was going through town this very day, and it is here that I find you!”
Numerous individuals began trying to restrain this odd human who had tried to charge up to Elzerith, one coming from the house begging for this “Voltaire” to return to bed due to a fever. And just as blades were about to be drawn, Elzerith held up his hand in command that all should hold.
“This one is to believe that you have been sent a message from Solarus.” Elzerith posed to the intrusive individual, which was responded to with a stoic nod. After tense and silent contemplation, Elzerith smiled and plainly said “Then continue on we shall, gather what possessions you have. We’re leaving towards New Hope in the morning, and I shall be awaiting company in the local tavern until all is prepared for departure.”
As Elzerith made his way back into New Hope, with an odd gathering of new friends or mayhaps followers, he found that wandering back to an old home wasn’t really his destination. The familiar Syndar building style of Celestial Arragones’ libraries, the diminutive number of faces he recognized from scholars he’s met in the past, and the ever commanding voice of one wishing to boss around one that had been freed. Elzerith found that he was no longer seeking the refuge of protective shelter, and the road was soon before him after less time than initially thought.
The path was now present, all that need now is to follow.

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