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Elijah Cole

Played by: Kevin Novy
Name: Elijah Cole
Gender: male
Age: 27
Race: human
Hair: brown
Eyes: green
Occupation: woodsmen hunter trapper
Known Skills:
Birthplace: a Vandregon city
Appearance: medium build green clothes
Notable Traits: well hair covers some of my face
Bio: It was a dark and stormy night when they came. The undead. We didn’t know what to make of them. They would not be brought down by any normal means and the more they advanced, the more dead that would lie in their wake. This is a sad story, the story of my beginning.
The Cole family were a simple lot that lived on the outskirts of a small Vandregon city. When I was a boy my father would take me out into the woods to hunt. He trained me on how to use a bow and the importance of using traps to catch our game. When we had caught a good haul, we would head back to the cottage where my mother would skin the animals and bring them into the city to sell the pelts. Growing up in Vandregon society was difficult for me. My skills with the bow would often put my path before a recruiter but I was never interested in that sort of life. I loved the woods and the freedom it would provide. I had no other siblings so I had to do most the work around the house which was no problem for me since I valued all my parents teachings. I was very content with life up until my father came face to face with a Penitent. Though my fathers skills with a bow were great, he was crippled from his right shoulder all the way down his leg. This is the point in which I changed, from a learning young boy to a hunter with a responsibility to feed and protect the family.
The last time I saw my family was when I was 15. I was hunting in the nearby forest when I heard the groaning. The sun had just set and a storm was rolling in. The first drops of rain had just reached my forehead when I could see the shape of a shadowy figure staggering in the distance. At first I thought it was a lost townsfolk whom had gotten injured by an animal. The closer it came, the louder it got, with its unnatural sounds and slow crunching movements. My instincts told me that this was no normal man. As it came into the clearing I could see its face. I, to this day, can not get the sight of the man’s rotting flesh hanging from his bones out of my mind. I panicked and took a shot which was clean through the jugular. Before I could even come to the realization that I had just killed someone, the thing simply kept coming. I took off at full speed when the rain came down hard. I reached my cottage within a few hours and my only thoughts were on saving my family. I took off into the house to find it empty, however the back door was wide open. I reached it just in time for a flash of lightning to come down. What I saw was my worst nightmare. My mother and father were lying in the garden surrounded by those creatures. I could only just make them out but it was clear they were dead. Then the creatures turned on me. So then my legs kicked in and I was moving. I couldn’t tell where I was going but I just kept going. I still don’t know why I didn’t die that day.
I found myself at the coast after several encounters with the undead still in shock and disbelief. That’s were I learned the magnitude of the situation. The undead had taken my country and that Vandregon was barely holding out. With no reason to stay and no will to fight I fled the country on the next ship out, never looking back. I arrived in a place called New Hope and I couldn’t even recall how long the journey had been. Was it days, weeks, months, maybe even years? It didn’t matter anymore, did it? My life would never be the same. I tried to live with people in town and start up new roots within the city but after three years, the longing for the forest became to great. I left the city to live in the nearby woods were I built my own cabin and started my life anew once again. For two years my life somewhat returned to what it used to be. I hunted, I skinned and I even set up a small stall to sell my skins in the city.
It was a bright winter day when I saw her. She was a beautiful young woman who needed to purchase something warmer for the season. Maybe it was the long red hair or maybe it was the emerald green eyes but I fell for her. She was also interested in me so within a few weeks we had gotten to know each other very well. Within the year we were married. For the first time in my new life I was happy. We lived in my cabin with peace and tranquility. It was 5 years later that we had a son. He was now my world and I cherished every day that we had together. Soon my mind turned to thoughts of how it would be to train my son much like my father had taught me. When he turned 2 years old we were overjoyed when he took his first steps and I knew that I had found my purpose in life. It was by my wife’s side and with my son. Of course this is not a happy story.
I was waiting for my wife to return from selling pelts in the city. I can still see my wife walking down our dirt road smiling at me with a armful of flowers she had randomly picked or bought, I never got the chance to find out. When I saw the arrow extend out of my wife’s chest my mind went blank. She stood there for a moment and then collapsed on the ground. It wasn’t long before I was took a arrow to the right shoulder and my arm went completely limp. I felt no pain. I felt nothing as I looked down at the arrow. The Mordok was coming out from behind its cover and started to notch another arrow. I fell back into the house and I looked down to see my son standing there. It was only a for a second that we stood there when I finally acted. I grabbed him and ran. As fast as I could I fled into the woods but they followed, four in total. I knew I couldn’t outrun them so I set my son down and drew my sword. The closest Mordok must not have expected me to do this cause my blade ran straight through his chest. But It was a short lived victory cause the other 3 came in right behind him and with several blows, I stumbled to the ground. I don’t quite know what happened next but once again my legs must have kicked in cause I came to in a small cave with a man standing over me.
He asked me my name and all I could say was where is my son. The Ulven in the corner of the cave told me he saw a group of Mordok flee the area with a small human child. He told me his name is Tobias and the man that just brought me back from the brink is Puckerman. I noticed they were both wearing green and looked to be wearing a matching uniform in some sense. Tobias must have seen the questions on my face because he next told me I was in the presence of the Rangers: a group of woodsman and scouts whom have banded together for the sake of honoring Tobias’ father. I told them I was in their debt and that I would join them as long as they would some how or someday help me recover my son. They agreed but the chance of his survival was low. That didn’t matter to me. I had all the hope I needed. I will find my son one day and until then I will train with the rangers and become stronger. I will succeed or die trying.
Relationships: Rangers.

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