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Elensul Amenti

Name: Elensul Amenti
Race: Half-Syndar
Class: Mage

Everything changed for her when her father died on Faedrun. She had been alive for 100 years and traveled with her father everywhere. One might think it odd to be with your father for that long – doubly-so when one considered his human nature – but it only seemed natural when you were a 12 year old girl for those 100 years. Elensul thought herself immortal, giving herself a unique perspective about the world. She has lived so long that things that would bother most people do not seem to faze her. The years had left her with a very open personality, trusting and willing to hold judgment for a time that seemed oddly inappropriate for one of her apparent age.

Elensul is a daughter split between two worlds – her father human, her mother Syndar, and her feet remained planted between these worlds. Her father is a Human named Rovenon Amenti. She never knew her mother, having been told that she died during childbirth. What her father never told her was that her mother, the Syndar mage Nenvira Trisfal was still alive, and the reason for her – and her father’s – somewhat unique curse

She was cursed with what she saw as immortality, for her father had never clearly explained beyond, “So long as I remain alive, so shall you”. Her aging was slowed to the point it seemed to defy nature – her mind and attitudes felt the greatest of this curse, keeping her attitudes naive and child-like despite her years. It does not seem like such a bad curse, but when one been 12 years old for 100 some years, it starts to make a difference. One consequence of this curse was her father’s slowed aging mirrored her own – but seeing as the life of a human is a wilting leaf in contrast to the evergreen span of a Syndar, they both knew it would end. They spent their time traveling through Faedrun looking for a way to break the curse, but they could not find a way to do so without him dying. In the end, they finally accomplished their goal in the worst way. Elensul was returned to the main currents in the rivers of time, but was alone in the world for the first time in her life.

The next 10 years were rough for her; as a child she had always had an innate ability for magic, but as a child’s hands have difficulty lifting a blade, so too can they never channel the forces of magic with the skill of a older, wiser mage. As she grew older, her spells began to grow more potent and dangerous. Sometimes, she would lose control over her powers and harm those around her; with her odd appearance and speech, she was often branded a danger to towns and villages, forced to travel to avoid persecution. Eventually, she grew into a woman who could travel around without being treated like a little girl. This is when she decided she wanted to get away from a place where she was reminded constantly of her father – her travels had led them everywhere in search of answers, and with the growing threat of the undead, she sought an escape from a dangerous land. The refugees spoke of a land that none had explored – free from the memories she had formed over the hills and trees and Faedrun. Her mind made up, she got on a ship to travel to Mardrun and never looked back.

She still remains a bit childish today, even though she is a grown woman – years of habit and the lingering effects of the magic on her mind make retreat to childish emotions easier. She is playful and excited about the world, but maintains a sense of wisdom and detachment when not eagerly exploring the new sensations surronding her. People who meet her see that she has an innocence about her that makes her seem less threatening. She may be a bit naïve when it comes to meeting new people, but like a child she can tell if someone seems off. Sometimes she forgets that she is mortal and may do some reckless things which may endanger those around her. She is very curious about the world, learning new things about people and the world have always fascinated her. She finds Mardrun an intriguing place, and the people in it even more so. The intricate culture of the Ulven puzzles her but she is more curious about their customer than appalled.

One thing that she would hope to find out in the future is who put the curse on her in the first place. She has traveled most of Faedrun and has not figured it out. She doubts that there will be answers on Mardrun, but one never know where the answers may be hidden.

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