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Eirian ap Meinwen

Played By: Winter Edwardson

Character Name: Eirian ap Meinwen

Preferred Pronouns: They

“Eirian, again, what helps one’s awen grow?” “The poetry of the past, the poetry of today, and our stories” Eirian replied swiftly to their grandfather, Cadwgan. “Very good. Now who are the three most generous?” The elder quickly continued. “Um, Blodwen known as Blodwen of the Golden hand, Delwyn known as Delwyn the kind and Eira known as Eira of the gentle snow. Oh! And of course Bartram Crauch who was more generous than all three!” “Very good.” Cadwgan said. “I think that is enough for today. I believe your mother has some javelin practice she wanted you to work on.” “Thank you grand-da.” Erian replied before hurrying off to find their mother.

Eirian’s mother, Meinwen, was in their yard setting up a few small wooden targets, “ah Eirian. Is your grandfather’s lesson over already?” She says, “Yes ma. He said you wanted to do some javelin training today?” Eirian asked with a not so subtle note of hope in their voice. “Yes we’ll be working on your aim a bit today.” Meinwen hands Eirian a javelin, “now just take your time and line up your throw.”

Several years pass with much of Eirian’s youth spent being taught by their grandfather or trained by their mother. Then one day a chance comes to Eirian to take up their first contract. As it happened, the Prince was looking for mercenaries and so Eirian signed on but the work was kept under wraps until the days of planning. It turned out to be a joint attack on Squalborn territories with Stormjarl. It wasn’t a glamorous position but, ever practical, Eirian knew it would bring much needed real world experience. It was hard fought but the Prince’s forces and their Stormjarl allies were able to take and hold land.

Eirian helped to settle into the hard won lands, which would soon after be named Aylin’s Reach. As with many warriors and poets, the song of wanderlust called sweetly and Eirian decided to heed that call. Their excitement at the prospect of new tales to live and to tell could be felt like the charge of the air in a thunder storm.

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