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Einar Stormcaller

NAME: Einar Stormcaller

PLAYED BY: Cole Potter

RACE: Ulven

CLASS: Rogue


Einar was born in the lands of Clan Grimward. His mother Katla Fieldcrow, a Daughter of Gaia with Pack Fieldcrow. His father Fridgeir Stormcaller a wanderer and skald from Pack Deathlore. Einar spent his early years raised by his mother in the territory of Pack Fieldcrow, but as he was a male and not truly a member of Pack Fieldcrow was not trained as the women of Pack Fieldcrow were in the ways of the Daughter. He did chores and other work around the village and when he was old enough he was taught the basics of how to fight and stand guard posts so he could fulfill a role in the village. His father was not present for most of Einar’s childhood as he was a skald and would travel the lands to adventure and spread the stories of Clan Grimward. In fact Fridgeir had only spent a single spring in Pack Field crow lands as a guest of his mother, and was not even present for the birth of his son.

Einar enjoyed his childhood in Pack Fieldcrow. He was a small and weak boy growing up and struggled learning how to fight from the warriors dedicated to the protection of the pack. Einar found that he fought well with a cutting spear, he could use both hands on one weapon and put strength into more focused blows with both hands on the weapon. He found he was ill suited for other styles of fighting. He could use a sword well enough but lacked skill elsewhere. While the warriors didn’t have much hope for him Einar pushed himself everyday thinking of how his people would depend on him to protect them one day. Slowly but surely he became competent enough for the warriors to put him to work. They gave him basic duties and never let him venture out with them when they took the other young men of the warpack to hunt any Mordok that were spotted too close to the village. It was disheartening for Einar but he didn’t have much choice and was content to stay in the village and be a watchful defender.

When Einar was fourteen Fridgeir returned to their village in search of Katla and his son. Word had reached him of his child, and although he had not made the effort to be a part of his son’s life he was determined to meet him. Their meeting was awkward but pleasant. Fridgeir was not demanding of his son and instead spoke to him with measured respect as one would any other person. Fridgeir admitted that he had regrets of not being there to help raise his child and wanted to ask both Einar and his mother if Einar would journey with his father to learn the ways of the world and of the skaldic traditions of Pack Deathlore. Einar with the blissful ignorance of his youth harbored no resentment toward his father and was excited by the idea of seeing the world and escaping his basic existence as the weakest warrior in the village. Katla, while worried for her son, wanted more for him than standing post at the village gate his whole life and gave her consent for the boy to leave. The council saw no issue with Einar leaving as no males were truly members of the pack, and the warriors were almost happy to be rid of him as he would not take up any more time to train.

Einar traveled with Fridgeir learning many things about the world and of skaldic art. Einar bonded with his father quickly, even though he had not been present for his early childhood. Einar looked up to his father and was very happy traveling with him. However, in the year 264 tragedy struck shortly after Einar’s eighteenth birthday. Bandits attacked them on the road and in the fighting Fridgeir was fatally wounded. Einar avenged his father’s death almost immediately but was still horribly stricken by the loss of his father. Returning to his mother in Pack Fieldcrow Einar spent several years as a warrior for the town, more competent in combat and happy for the support of his old friends and family. Now Einar travels again hoping to honor his father’s memory by becoming a great skald himself and to see the many wonderful stories the land of Mardrun has to offer.


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