Played by: Brandon Potter
Name: Edrahil
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Race: Serous Syndar
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Character Website: None
Occupation: Phoenix archer/mage
Known Skills: Arcane magic,Archery
Birthplace: His home on the Fire Isle
Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes stocky build
Notable Traits:Easily distracted
Relationships: none
Rumors: None

Born into the Phoenix in the year 235. Edrahils home has always been on Fire Isle. The other Phoenix loved to lend a hand to raising Edrahil as he was always cheerful and quite curious. But he still made it a point to spend as much time with his Mother and Father as he could. When he was ten, he was tested in his magical abilities and found that Solara had gifted him with the gifts of arcane.
He studied the mandatory year of arcane, but found his attention to it wane as he found the joys of archery. Edrahil felt that shooting a bow was more intriguing and enjoyable than casting spells; much to his father’s dismay as he pushed for him to advance his arcane skills.
In the year 261, once the other land was discovered Edrahil knew he wanted to travel this new land, but feared he would not survive based on the fact the he knew nothing but the Island his entire life. He knew he was proficient at gathering, hunting and basic magic, but did not want to take the first step alone.
Unable to make the ventures over to these lands he became sad and found other things to keep him distracted as he usually would. He went about his days practicing archery and little arcane also hunting and gathering for the rest of the tribe.
In the fall of the year 262 he had finally made the decision to leave the island. One of the other Phoenix, Aislinn and Aiden were to be Joined in Mardrun, the new land. He set out on the boat with Zingara and Zeva and the rest of the group of Aislinn and Aidens family who were going to celebrate the Joining. They were just visiting and were coming back to the Island, but Edrahil knew he wasn’t coming back right away. He made his good-byes with his family and the other members of the Phoenix who helped raise him. They were sad at him leaving, but knew he was a good hunter and would be just fine on his own. They gave him well wishes and hugs and waved good-bye to him as he left on the boat.
He knew was leaving the Island and everything he knew to start his new journey he wasn’t afraid because he knew he’d return to his beautiful homelands once again.

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