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Eckhart Blackstone

Player Name: Stuart Ilhe
Character Name: Eckhart Blackstone


Born in 231 as the eldest son to a lesser noble family in western Vandregon, Eckhart’s fate was to become a knight. Trained in war at an early age he always felt a deeper call to the spiritual despite his father’s wishes. He eventually left home joining the Order of the Angel, leaving his two younger brothers Rhinehart and Rickart to continue the family’s knightly tradition.

He would not see his family again until 254. In the interim, he, like most of Faedrun, contributed to the war effort. In his case by the use of divine magic as well as his knowledge of first aid to act as a field medic.

Later on in the year 254 as he was stationed in one of the last Vandregon coastal cities to not have fallen, he saw Rhinehart as well as his father for the first time in years (Rickart having left for Mardrun a few years before). His father took him aside and ordered him to drug Rhinehart and get him on the boat leaving for Faedrun. If he didn’t, Rhinehart would surely die fighting by his father’s side. Eckhart did this and by doing so earned the ire of his brother.

They parted ways after arriving on Mardrun and after wandering for a few years settled down in the rural areas around the city of Newhope serving as a priest to the local farmers and even constructing a small shrine to the Vandregonian Saints with an emphasis on the Angel. This changed earlier this year when his village was attacked by bandits and his shrine burnt down. This caused him to flee to stay with friends in Newhope where he also recovered from wounds he sustained during his village’s destruction.

He is now a wanderer once again and is traveling to land acting as a priest to any who need it.

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