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December 9, 2018 – War in the Dirge


Last month, the combined forces of the Ulven army were met head on by a sizable Mordok force. How the Mordok were able to organize such a force and who is commanding them is still unknown. Reports of a strange new Mordok, adorned in brighter colors and displaying high level of intelligence, have been seen leading them. This new enemy appearing cannot be dismissed as coincidence. In an immense battle involving thousands of warriors on both sides, the Mordok forces were able to deal a massive blow to the Ulven army. Slogging through the muck of the swamp, the fighting was reduced to brave Ulven and brutal Mordok meeting in close and vicious combat. The fighting lasted hours as both sides were unwilling to retreat.

The decisive move of the Mordok to send considerable forces at the Ulven army’s flanks proved to be too dangerous to ignore. Under threat of being overwhelmed from the sides, the Ulven forces called for a fighting retreat. War packs were cut off from the main lines, and supply wagons abandoned as the terrain would not allow them to regroup easily with the main army forces. Small camps were overrun and occupants butchered or dispersed. In a single day of violent battle, almost two thousand Ulven and Mordok lay dead in the swamp, staining the ground and waterways red. Although this initial defeat is harsh on Ulven forces, these proud warriors are a long ways from being beaten or overwhelmed.

The Ulven army, under the command of the Clanleaders and their Warleaders, have pulled their forces back to a high ground in the area. Above the muck of the swamp, this area is the best place to attempt some kind of defensive fortifications or semblance of a camp. Crews take turns sleeping, defending, or building to stay warm and to ensure there is enough room in the camp. Over a few weeks a decent camp emerges. Wounded continue to trickle in from the defensive perimeter and war packs sent to counter Mordok movements engage in short and brutal missions, necessary to keep Mordok forces from dominating the area for too long.

Some reinforcements arrive from the Shield of Mardrun but sending supply wagons is risky; the Mordok continue to patrol and harass and maintain a solid presence near the camp. As the buildup to another bloody confrontation continues, the ability to prepare for this next battle and maintain critical routes for troops and supply wagons could be the deciding factors.

In this Dirge Swamp combat event, players will help determine whether the Ulven forces recover from this initial defeat and push the fight back to the Mordok or are forced to attempt to retreat back to the Shield of Mardrun… if they even can.

Event Summary

With the Ulven Forces and their allies pulled into a defensible position the need for clear paths became staggeringly clear but the Mordok forces in the area proved to be much too numerous for the pathways to be maintained. Many of the brave warriors of the Ulven army and their allies were butchered or pushed back to their defended post. Many lives were lost in an attempt to clear the pathways, but it was just too difficult to hold the open areas of the Mordok’s homeland. With the knowledge of the approach of the main Mordok forces it was decided that the warpack of Ulven and their allies would try to draw the attention of the Mordok and take some of the pressure off of the main warfront.

As the fighting was about to begin the strange Mordok in bright blue was seen again and many claimed it issued a dire warning in the common tounge to the warpack before unleashing a frenzy of Mordok onto their lines. The battle that came against the warpack and its allies was intense and chaotic. The warpack itself was almost completely destroyed and those that remained were beaten, bloodied, and broken. But just as the fight seemed as if it would be hopeless, the Mordok numbers waned. The survivors of the onslaught looked around to take stock of the damage. Hundreds of bodies littered the battlefield of both ally and foe. A cheer could be heard as the brave warriors clung to their brothers- and sisters-in-arms. Despite the steep cost of lives, the commotion the warpack caused allowed the main forces of the Ulven army to survive and recuperate from the devastating loss of the last month. A short-lived sigh of relief could be felt through the Ulven forces but they must make a choice soon as to what actions the armies should take. Do they try and push back against the Mordok or do they take this chance and retreat back to the shield and recoup their losses?


Click here to see photos from the event!



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