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December 7, 2019 – Surgeries and Celebrations

With the tensions between Clans Grimward, Stormjarl, and former Clan Squallborn dying down, there was little else to do but breathe and recover from a year’s worth of stress and work. With no battle to fight, no war nearby, no mordok or bandits to kill, or puzzles in need of solving those gathered at the settlement, many decided to relax and share a drink around the fire.

While drinking went on, some decided to heal the wounded, repairing their heavily damaged bodies to the best of their ability. Some others labored around the camp, improving it in some way shape or form to keep away the cold of the winter that was approaching or because being still not in their nature. Some plotted towards the future, and some told stories of the past. 


However that time was spent, it was spent in good company around a warm fire reflecting on the past, and looking towards the future.

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