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December 269

While the snow and cold is mild so far this winter, many are preparing for what the winds may yet bring in the coming months. 

The month for Clan Nightriver and Clan Goldenfield is one of celebration as the joint project between them finally comes to an end, and not a moment too soon. A massive network of well made roads, trails, and a few major highways that interconnect between the two clans has reached completion. While some of the packs of both clans thought this task was perhaps overly ambitious, the results have already begun to speak for themselves. Small villages and hamlets now have easier access to trade routes, merchants can now move faster and more efficiently between desired areas, and are already growing in prosperity because of these roadways. Some other clans have looked at this move and can see the benefits of such infrastructure projects, some more traditionalist groups scoff at the idea of using colonist based improvements. 

In Davin’s Reach a six month long project to give the older areas of the settlement a much needed structural improvement has come to an end. While some families and even businesses had to leave their homes for a while, they came back to well built and structurally sound buildings that no longer leaked and allowed wind through the walls. Many grumbled at first, but after seeing the newly improved buildings with the now improved cobblestone streets they quickly stilled their tongues in awe at both the skill and generosity of the Council of Three of Davin’s Reach.

To the north along the Shield of Mardrun, Clan Shattered Spear finally finishes its work of improving the trails along the Shield. With these new, level, and cleared trails between the outposts, warriors are now able to more quickly respond to any Mordok in the area. Furthermore, the trails to the south and west have been cleared to allow supply caravans to come and go with much greater ease. With this, the western side of The Shield of Mardrun is now even more able and more secure in its defensive positioning. 

Not much further north and west, at the very edge of Clan Shattered Spear territory and barely behind the Shield of Mardrun is a new heavily fortified hillfort and small port built by Duchess Madeline d’Argent. While some Ulven question the decision to move this fortification so close to the swamp, they do see the benefit of having a port being able to bring both supplies and warriors from the south quickly and efficiently. It has been made clear that the port will be jointly run by both Clan Shattered Spear and the City State of Newhope, but the fort will be run by forces directly under the command of Duchess d’Argent, whom will aid the Shield of Mardrun against the Mordok and act as a base of operations for any future ventures into the Dirge.

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