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December 269

With Clan Ironmound considerably ahead of schedule based on the combined efforts of many over the fall, the people of Mardrun have begun to turn their focus to the fast approaching winter. The last bit of crops and harvests are being tended to and the winter snow is fast approaching. Without a calamity bringing people together or a concentrated mordok attack to the north, attention drifts to day to day life and what needs to be done before winter. There are several opportunities for people to listen to the news that couriers bring to the various settlements and choose a story or two to pursue.

Howls On The Horizon: Part 1
Rumors have spread and grown surprisingly fast about a man who is travelling through Ulven lands, who calls himself “The Wolf Priest”. Telling his story of near death and is now suggesting a new rhetoric to many long held Ulven religious views. Some rumors claim he is picking at old wounds and claiming the Lorespeakers have misled the Ulven people about their gods. While some seem to embrace the idea of more focus on The Great Wolf, others worry that this new rhetoric may bring a doom upon the Ulven people by angering Gaia and the Great Wolf. With little hard facts to go on many wonder if this “Wolf Priest” is worth a second glance or simply a scared man fighting to have his name heard.
One thing is certain; wherever the Wolf Priest travels, tensions mount between various Ulven people.

UPDATE: Rumors continue to circle about this strange man who walks the land speaking new rhetoric about the Ulven afterlife. It seems this speaker is not only preaching an alternate idea of the Ulven afterlife, he seems to be preaching a whole new take on the concept of honor and duty. His mentality seems to be that the Ulven have been fed lies about the potential afterlives that they all have waiting for them. He tells that being swallowed by The Great Wolf is not a punishment. He swears that he himself has seen into the Maw of The Great Wolf and found it to hold all of the totality of the cosmos. He claims to have seen the entirety of everything within the Maw of the Wolf and saw that being swallowed does not mean that you are destroyed forever, but rather that you are returned to the cosmos with your ancestors.


The Looming Winter: Part 1
Across the continent, calls are being made by various Colonies and settlements about the need for resources and supplies to prepare for the coming winter. One of the most noticeable calls for work are the various settlements of the City-State of Newhope. This presents a chance to ply one’s craft, to trade goods for silver, or barter. There is demand for tradespeople to work and earn silver or to assist those less fortunate than themselves. Workers assigned to expansion projects or stationed at settlements can find various work to be productive, helping stabilize or even expand on the viability of City-State territories. Although no songs will be sung about the inglorious work, there is opportunity nonetheless… and lips often loosen at night, allowing rumors to flow as much as ale in the taverns host to travelers from all walks of life.


The expansion effort in New Hope is met with an astonishing amount of support. Small contingents from The March of Starkhaven and The Order of Arnath’s Light, UCUM, The Phoenix, and many other adventurers and opportunists looking to earn honest money for honest work. The colors of New Vandregon can be seen flying proudly as they sent a unit of traders and several of their more prominent members. With the unexpected amount of support all plans are moving ahead of schedule. Some speculate if that means expansion will continue into the new year or if it is simply a blessing to be appreciated.

Life Doesn’t Stop: Part 1
From the North, a call comes down; many of the Warpacks have been stationed at The Shield for a considerable amount of time and help is requested. With winter approaching many warriors would like to return home to help their families prepare for winter and others would like to simply return to their lives. However, replacements are needed lest the Mordok find a gap in the line so hard fought to be held. Resources and warriors are needed to support this endeavor. If no support comes, morale could falter and The Shield could become vulnerable to attack. While the Shield of Mardrun is one of the greatest cooperative feats in the history of Mardrun, it requires attenton, supplies, and logistical support to succeed. After the recent attacks in the fall, and the subsequent destruction that followed, many are fearful of what could happen.
Adventurers looking to make a name for themselves, do their part in guard duty against the swamp, or sit shoulder to shoulder with veteran warrior’s swapping stories around a campfire could benefit from their service here.


A great deal of support spills northward and soon a battle rages in the quiet outposts that make up the Shield of Mardun. A battle between the softly falling snow and the roaring flames of the outpost campfires, with each trying to dissipate the other but it’s a conflict that won’t end until winter does. Fortunately for many of the warriors the only presented threat is the growing cold, although stories of small wandering Mordok groups travels fast between fortifications and patrols. The Mordok’s presence is minimal for the duration of the month, but getting comfortable is always a danger as the Mordok seem to never be far once there’s signs of the defenses laxing.


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