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December 268

Winter has come to the continent of Mardrun, blanketing the lands in snow and ice as gods and spirits of winter grasp control. The world slows, but not quite yet still for life must continue on.

In the south in the Colonies of Newhope slow as the lands become hidden by snow, however trade continues throughout the land as salted fish, alcohol, and lumber is brought to settlements before the full force of winter lays roads impassable. Inn’s slow and share of rumors and tales are shared around hearth with soups and warm bread. Tales of individuals doing extraordinary tasks and deeds, tales of love, stories of thrilling adventure and danger, and stories of woe and sorrow.

To the north the Clans Shattered Spear, Whiteoak, and Axehound have united and created the alliance named The Northern Shield Protectorate. Through their unity, they vow to not allow another Mordok attack to happen again, without their effort to halt it at the Shield of Mardrun. The clans have already started to work to improve roads and trails between outposts to allow easier patrols, transport of supplies, and further sight into the undergrowth of the abyss that is the Dirge Swamp. During this time they fought hard and pushed back against multiple attempts to get through, but the Mordok were denied each and every time.

Some rumors have cropped up along the mountain passes of individuals carrying chests along backroads. As for what these chests may contain, many have guessed treasures and fortunes of untold wealth. However, the stories also speak of the individuals who carry these chests as vagrants, ruffians, rogues, and bandits. Some adventurous fools at one point did decide to try and follow them into the mountains on these back roads. A knock came to an inn door one eve and what was found was a chest with not a note upon it. The innkeep eagerly brought it into the building and opened it for all to see. But to the horror of everyone within, laid the heads of the party that tried to follow. And a note was nailed to one head, “Follow us again and we will make your town disappear…”

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