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December 267

This month Clan Stormjarl caused quite the uproar as they raided the lands of Clan Grimward. There was a public outcry from the members of Clan Grimward that the actions Clan Stormjarl are cowardly as they waited until all of Mardrun’s backs were turned to strike at their perceived foe. There are voices of support among the other clans for Clan Grimward stating that many have put their own issues aside to deal with the Mordok, the enemy of all Ulven. On the other hand there are voices crying in support of Clan Stormjarl saying that it is their honor and right to take the fight back to Grimward and free those bound into service. As for what consequences may come from these actions, only time will tell.

However, Clan Grimward isn’t the only area that has had trouble with raiders. Bandits over the past month have shown some strange tactics in hopes of nabbing supplies for the winter. Many communities and roads within the City States of New Hope are being plagued with these bandits. While some are used to this increase in the fall, many are taking note of their more frenzied and continued surge being abnormal when compared to previous years.

Syndar on Mardrun prepare for a holiday this winter solstice, and a rather interesting one at that.  Back on Faedrun, those in the Kingdom of Fawyth, would gather around their hearths and tell stories. This was to honor of the Goddess Lyara, deity of Stories and Madness. This holiday is said to have a practical reason as well, to ward off cabin fever in the deepest dark of the harsh winters.  While this winter has been mild thus far, many are still upholding the tradition and speaking of legends and myths from so long ago. Mayhap some new stories are being told this winter.

Work crews in Daven’s Hold rejoice at the completion of many buildings before the onset of winter. Storehouses, hold-fasts, better walls, and much more have been built over the past year. With this month coming to an end a grand temple and library have been completed by the request of Lady Al-Azarma. Within these walls, much of the colonist’s histories, cultures, and religions are stored, and even some of the late Lord Al-Azarma’s personal library is now accessible to those who wish to read.

The buildings are not the only thing sprouting from Governess Catherine’s city. More and more remnants of Vandregon flow to the city gates, slowly growing and populating the city. While there are only handfuls of people coming by the week, there was an instance of where what looked like the remains of a Vandregonian army, in rusted chain and plate, baring the tattered and battered flag of their former unit walking to the city. Rumors are spreading quickly that this could mean the return of the Vandregonian presence upon Mardrun, that the spirit of Vandregon still exists.

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