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December 264 – News & Rumors

Talk of the peace treaty signed this month is on the lips of nearly everyone on Mardrun, some praising it for bringing an end to the war, others arguing that it will simply lead to additional conflicts. Both are correct, in a sense: While the treaty did bring about peace between Clans Nightriver and Grimward and will result in the termination of additional combat between the two largest armies, already Clans Stormjarl and Squallborn have voiced their anger with the treaty. Feeling left out and betrayed by those they once considered allies, Clan Stormjarl specifically has announced that they will not sign this treaty if it remains as it is currently written. They have once again put out the call for allies to stand with them, to help them reclaim their lands stolen by Clan Grimward despite the treaty. A cry of outrage from numerous diplomats and representatives has been voiced as well as the legitimacy of such a meeting to finalize a treaty and who actually had authority to speak on behalf of whom is still lacking definitive detail, and threats of increased diplomatic presence by various groups seems to be on the horizon. Whether this agreement and the document written will continue to deescalate the ulven civil war or plunge some Clans further into conflict is still unknown.

Still, there is much cause for celebration as the Grimward war machine has ground to a halt due to the valiant actions of Clan Nightriver and the Coalition. As an honor debt for this massive conflict is agreed upon and paid in both materials and honor bound working hands, reparations will be arriving soon to be distributed as Branthur sees fit. Cases could be made for some of the smaller settlements to earn a piece of that deal, though the final decision lies with the Clanleader alone. Rumors are already stirring that the smaller Clans will be vying for material wealth for their contributions to the civil war. Pressure on Clan Nightriver from numerous angles will most likely force Branthur’s hand into being overly generous with payments of restitution to his allies but only time will tell.

The human colonies have generally been very receptive to this new treaty, eager for the chance to build, trade, and expand without the threat of Grimward aggression. Plans are already in motion for the construction of additional outposts and trade roads, and modest celebrations have been held in a number of venues to rejoice at the end to more major bloodshed. Some are wary of the repercussions such a treaty will undoubtedly carry and take Stormjarl’s threats of rebellion against the treaty very seriously, but for the most part, the mood is jovial and light. News continues to spread about a potential large scale contract with New Aldoria beginning in the spring, but the details of the contract still remain a mystery.

For the past several months, many have noted and reported the suspicious movements of the Mordok, many of which had been heading north with alarming focus. This month, however, the news turned more ominous: no movement had been mentioned at all. Optimists are hopeful that it is simply because of the winter and possible coming storms. Others are less than convinced, believing it to be a sign that the Mordok are themselves the coming storm. For now, though, only time will tell what the creatures will bring with them, if and when they return.

As political turmoil begins to swell on Mardrun in place of bloody combat, citizens and leaders alike are looking for any way to keep spirits high and dissention low. This month may well prove to be just what is needed: The Great Wolf’s Hunt is rapidly approaching, a holiday during which no Ulven hunt, saving that honor instead for the Great Wolf. In addition, word has begun to spread that a week prior to that, a celebration will be held in honor of Halvar Steinjottun, Clanleader of Steinjottun. The Clanleader, eagerly anticipating his 50th year, has organized a Stag Hunt on the night of his birthday, with the hunter or warrior tasked with bringing down the beast rewarded with a seat of honor at the feast of the Great Wolf’s Hunt.

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