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December 262 – News & Rumors

This letter was sent to out to the main settlements of the Coalition.

To my fellow Ulven brothers and coalition allies,We have tasked our falconers with sending out a message to every settlement and faction that calls Clan Nightriver ally.
It has come to our attention that the war is picking up across the continent. News has reached us of the honor debt of Pack Longfang to Clan Stormjarl, and it has become clear that we have lost sight of potential allies in this war by dealing with our own borders and issues at home.
My diplomats have brought dire news to me… that talks have not gone well with Clan Stormjarl and that they are making a decision by the first snowfall as to which side they will support during this war.
We have a hard choice to make. We have one last chance to reach out and convince Clan Stormjarl that the colonists can peacefully coexist with Ulven that call this land home. Their involvement in this war is vital. Unfortunately this could not come at a worse time, as reports have reached me that Clan Grimward continues its assault on Watchwolf territory to the North. Without reinforcements, they will not hold out much longer. I fear that we may not be able to focus on both.
Kragen Bloodmoon, Warleader of Clan Nightriver, is coordinating new war packs and sending them against Clan Grimward war packs at this very moment. We are also sending a new war pack North, but our resources are stretched thin.
We have until the 10th of this month to formulate a plan and coordinate our forces. I eagerly await your responses.
Branthur Nightriver – Clanleader of Clan Nightriver


Free people of Mardrun,

This may very well be my last correspondence. The Grimwards, enemies of Gaia’s ways, who forsake her tenets and emulate the gruesome trophy taking and blasphemous rituals of the Mordok, have routed our troops and besiege our final settlement, where for countless generations my people have faithfully guarded the Western horizon, as was our sacred duty. The Watchwolves of Luna have waited nine months for relief, and our staunchest of allies, the Longfangs, faithfully held the pass through the Wolf’s Hackles. Though we opened our halls to colonists and fellow clans, and organized the grand alliance against the Undead incursion, our pleas for help have gone unanswered as three seasons have come to pass.

A wise elder once said, “The true warrior does not love the flashing blade for its sharpness, nor does he love the black fletched arrow for his sharpness, nor does he love the glory of war. A true warrior cares not for these things. A true warrior cares only for the Ulven people, the clan, the pack, and the family. Those are the only things worth dying for.

Though the Watchwolves of Luna are hopelessly outnumbered and besieged, I, Raskolf Vakr, the Voice of the Watchwolves, promise you that we will not waver in our sacred duty to Gaia’s children. We will perform our sacred duty to protect the Western Horizon, even if we fall to the last soul. We do not do it for glory. We do it because we know that should we fall, a powerful portent of the Apocalypse will come to pass. We do it not for ourselves. We do it not for selfish glory. We do it for all the free people of Mardrun. We do it for the future of all Ulven. We give it our all, because some things are worth dying for.

Elders of Stormjarl, by the time you read this message, it may very well be too late for my people, but I urge you to look inwards. In your chests beat the hearts of true warriors. Figuring out the right thing to do is always easy, but finding the courage to do so is another matter entirely. Be brave, my friends. Be brave. The eyes and ears of the Great Wolf are upon you, and you will be judged.

Signed by my hand this day,
Raskolf Vakr, the Voice of the Watchwolves

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