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December 14th, 2013 – Civil War Combat Event

December 2013 Event Summary

== STORY ==
The Ulven Civil war continues on all throughout Mardrun. With winter finally here, the settlements all across the continent prepare to wait out the long winter but the warriors on both sides of the conflict march to war.

In the north, Clan Grimward continues the conquest of Watchwolf territory as war packs push further east.

In the south, the bridges connecting the two clans has become a site of bloodshed once again as coalition forces move to the border and Clan Grimward presses the attack.

With the war picking up at the onset of winter, supplies and food will be critical in maintaining the lines of both sides.

Scenario 1
Clan Grimward continues the attack to the north, pressing the advantage they have gained from fighting throughout the year. Watchwolf warriors will try to hold out as long as possible against Grimward attacks until Clan Nightriver reinforcements can arrive.

After months of skirmish fighting, Clan Grimward launched an all out assault on the war pack of the Watchwolf Clan in an effort to grind them down before reinforcements arrived. As both sides clashed in a recently evacuated farm, the support offered by a group of adventurers and proved to be critical in maintaining the Watchwolf live. Several dozen Clan Grimward warriors were killed and the war pack destroyed. Caught up in the brutality of the fight, several Clan Grimward Daughters of Gaia were killed by Watchwolf warriors, shocking everyone at how far the fight had been pushed. The Watchwolves held out, despite terrible wounds on a number of their warriors, and survived to regroup with allies that eventually arrived.

Scenario 2
Coalition forces are moving to the river border between Nightriver and Grimward. Word has reached the allied forces that the main bridge has turned into another large scale fight as Grimward has crossed into Nightriver territory. Fearing that the smaller bridges will also be used for crossing, Clan Nightriver and coalition fighters must secure several smaller bridges before Clan Grimward can cross and expand their foothold into Nightriver territory.

As both sides clashed for control of the bridges, Clan Grimward warriors quickly took ground and controlled several bridges. Clan Nightriver warriors with their Coalition allies attempted to push back, fearing that the assault on the bridges would prelude an upcoming invasion. Instead of moving troops across it, Clan Grimward destroyed the bridges after they were secured and every route crossing the Yurnai river between the two clans was destroyed.

Scenario 3
The Pirates of Oarsmeet have received messages recently about a debt they owe. It appears that Captain Bridge, the previous owner of the Blue Ruby pirate ship, has been after them about what is owed. As the Blue Ruby docks in New Aldoria, the crew is enjoying a night of drink and festivities when Captain Bridge and her men come to collect.

After a gruff introduction and pirate pleasantries were exchanged, terms were laid out in the open. The Pirates of Oarsmeet were to hand over payment, the ship, or the Captain. Soon after that, a fight broke out as both sides got swept up into a massive brawl. The crews of both the Captains duked it out until steel was drawn and the fight turned lethal and Captain Bridge was killed and scalped. A handful of the Oarsmeet crew were killed, but over half of Captain Bridge’s men were killed and most of the rest swayed with payment of coin and new employment.

Click here for pictures from the event!

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