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December 13, 2014 – Crow’s Landing and Great Forest Search Event

Scenario 1: Trouble in Crow’s Landing
Reports of the hardships faced by the settlement of Crow’s Landing have reached the ears of a number of unsavory figures in Mardrun’s underworld, and so bandits have begun to gather around it, hoping for an easy chance to get some wealth. Fortunately, the Rangers have been paying attention to their settlement’s needs, and have had enough time to organize a few parties to defend their home from these scavengers. It’s your job to investigate the local bandit activity and deal with it in whatever way you feel will help Crow’s Landing – whether ’tis diplomacy, information, or a bit of cold, hard steel is up to you!

Post Event:
As travelers and merchants moved into the area, guard rotations were put onto alert and the Rangers of Crow’s Landing coordinated the trails and defenses. A representative to both the Crow’s Landing settlement and another from the colony were on hand to discuss political negotiations. It appeared that the incident involved the Baron Richard’s representative being thrown out of the market faire event earlier in the year ended up spiraling out of control. The council had sent a letter claiming that the settlement was no longer under the protection of the colony until they could prove they were not in open rebellion, which definitely explained the increase in bandit activity. Brigands, expecting the settlement to be easing pickings, were deterred time and time again and a few were even captured, claiming that they were paid to cause trouble. No one knows the real source of the employer, but whispers point towards someone on the council itself. Celestial Aragonnes dispatched a representative on behalf of the council who was to review the state of Crow’s Landing and see if this situation could be resolved. When the roads were finally cleared, it appears a number of negotiations had taken place between multiple factions and representatives.

Pictures of the event:

Scenario 2: The Forest Hunt
Disturbing news has come from the Great Forest – with the winter’s fall on the continent of Mardrun, the Mordok have grown even more active, and they seem to be growing bolder, attempting to strike fear into the hearts of the Ulven who call Mardrun their home. Recent attacks have seemed smarter, more dangerous – and worst of all, targeted against high-ranking figures. It seems that the Mordok are interested in something in the Great Forest, and it’s up to you to figure out what. You’re part of an Ulven hunting party who is planning on meeting up with another patrol inside of the Great Forest, who claim to have some important information, and then tracking the movements and activities of the Mordok.

Post Event:
Deep in the Great Forest, the hunting party traveled to meet with another group of ulven hunters. Upon arrival at an old abandoned village, they found a scene where a battle recently took place but the only surviving ulven was a Lorespeaker. After searching the village, the hunting party found more scenes of mordok, strange carvings and markings on the doors of the buildings, and several brutally tortured and maimed corpses. It was soon discovered that the mordok in the area were being led by Mad Morty, the pirate captain who become corrupted by the magics of the swamp. A negotiation took place between the Lorespeaker and Mad Morty; the pirate would hand over a journal that was in the possession of the hunting party that was killed in exchange for decoding some ancient ulven texts. However, once the deal was complete the Mordok attacked and gave chase throughout the forest. The Ulven hunting party was able to stay together and fall back and leave the area, but almost half of their number were overrun and torn apart by mordok.

Due to night/low light conditions, we do not have pictures of this event.

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