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December 10th, 2017 – The Grand Moot Summit

The Grand Moot Summit
As news spreads like wildfire that a full and viable cure has been found to the creeping corruption, those afflicted begin traveling south to Nightriver and Newhope lands in order to be cured. It will take time to administer the cure to everyone that has fallen ill, especially with the onset of winter, so worry raises over being able to tackle this obstacle in the winter.

In Clan Ironmound territory, the Clanleader Gustav Ironmound has been adamant in being host to a Grand Moot of the ulven people. With the recent dissolution of the Watchwolves Clan into both Clan Grimward and Clan Nightriver and the unknown future of Clan Riverhead, right now stands to be a tipping point in ulven history. Fractured in proud Clans, rocked to the core by the discovery of the Lorespeaker conspiracy, and struggling with cultural identity and living alongside the survivors of Faedrun, the Ulven people have been building to this moment for quite some time. The call has been sent and it has been heard. The Grand Moot will be held at a settlement in Clan Ironmound territory and delegates from every Clan are expected to be present, even if the Clanleaders themselves cannot be.

The settlement itself will be under heavy guard and reserved to the Clanleaders and their delegations. Einar Stonefist, Warleader of Clan Ironmound, is insistent that the level of security by heightened; a summit with all of the leaders of the Ulven could be considered a ripe opportunity to some. However, the outskirts of the settlement are going to be a flurry of activity. Supplies will be coming in by wagon, patrols constantly sent out to secure the local countryside, and smaller meetings will take place before the Grand Moot. Representatives from the colonies and their outlying settlements have been given a general invite to come to the outskirts of the summit and meet with representatives of the Clans. The leaders of the Ulven people wish to know more about the perspectives of the colonists and of current events before they decide the fate of the Ulven people for years to come.

In this scenario event, players will have the chance to play major political leaders of the Ulven people or attempt to sway them to different causes for the upcoming Grand Moot, or fill in as one of the outlying settlement helpers in maintaining security and the logistics of supplies.

Movers and shakers from across Mardrun gathered in Ironmound territory, and not even the brisk winter air could calm some of the tempers that began to rage. Old wounds were reopened as the delegates from each clan confronted each other and made their cases; Colborn Whiteoak and Trygvye Axhound clashed as was expected from the old rivals, and arguments erupted between Calder Whitecap of Clan Squallborn, Fritha Stormjarl, and Wargah Grimward, feeling their lands were stolen from them and the culprits could not be trusted with such a major decision. Lines were drawn in the sand early on, and loose alliances were formed both among clan representatives and the many factions across Mardrun taking an interest in the future of the continent, changes which had, in some cases, already taken place. As announced by the acting High Priestess Camilla Birchborne of Clan Riverhead, the traditionalist clan would be dissolved due to their lack of resources to protect themselves from the Mordok, and would be reformed as Pack Riverhead, choosing to join Clan Shattered Spear because of the latter’s dedication to the Ulven way and their ability to grant Riverhead the revenge on the Mordok they so sought. Fortunately, the attendees were conscious of the security present at the event and stayed their blades inside the outpost. As the sun began to set, the delegates returned to the official summit to cast their vote or relay their opinions to their clanleaders. After a great deal of discussion and several nights later, the decision was announced: Each of Mardrun’s great clans would band together and clear the Great Forest and the Great Wolf’s Hackles of the remaining Mordok while the smaller groups would begin defending the border of the swamp. Once the Forest and the Hackles were clear of the beasts, the clans would march on the Dirge Swamp and its inhabitants the likes of which had not been seen in recorded history: Mardrun is going to war.



Click here to see photos from this event!

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