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Conrad Gall

PLAYER NAME: Noah Gudenschwager
RACE: Human
CLASS: Cleric
AGE: Mid 20s
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Green
OCCUPATION: Traveling Merchant
RELATIONSHIPS: The Golden Hand, Imrick Oakenbrow, Rexton Atherton
NOTABLE TRAITS: Gold paint on various parts of his body, changes from time to time.

“I don’t remember much of Faedrun, especially before everything came crashing down,” Conrad said to Syms. Conrad grew up on the roads of Aldoria in a Sojourner Caravan that at the time of his birth was
desperately trying to gain passage to Mardrun. One night, upon being denied entrance to a coastal city in Aldoria the undead attacked the caravan outside the city and killed most of the Sojourners before the forces from the city organized and repelled the attackers. During the fight, many Sojourners, including Conrad and his mother, made it inside the city’s walls and blended in with other refugees. Days later Conrad and his mother made it onto a colony ship headed to Mardrun.

The travels to Faedrun are some of Conrad’s earliest memories. He remembers the crying of the other passengers, as many of them lost everything. Conrad’s mother kept telling him, “It’s a good thing we were nomads, makes it easier to put everything behind us,” As much as Conrad’s mother talked about leaving everything behind, she would also regale stories of her travels across Faedrun, talking in a
hushed voice whenever someone would walk past as if trying to keep a secret. Other than the stories of her travels Conrad’s mother hardly interacted with him. Being stuck on a small boat with nothing but
strangers Conrad kept to himself.

The colony ship eventually landed in the City State of Newhope where, to the surprise of Conrad and his mother, there was a group of Sojourners that was gathering outside the city getting ready for a caravan across Mardrun. It was here that Conrad got his first true taste of Sojourner culture, the songs,
and dances that Conrad should have been taught at a much younger age. Due to his disconnection from the Sojourners, Conrad struggled to learn the songs, dances, and dueling practices that kids half his age were well versed in. Conrad also disagreed with how the Sojourners stayed away from the affairs of the other peoples of Mardrun. Conrad remembers the cries of the people on the boat, the people who lost everything, and now to see his people ignoring the others and going on about their lives like nothing
happened? After years of following his new Sojourner ‘family,’ Conrad could not ignore the pleas of the cities they passed any longer, a need to help the people around him had been brewing in him for years, so one day Conrad left the caravan as it approached Davin’s Hold after it had been retaken from the bandits. Here Conrad stayed as a humble merchant, never making much as he was prone to undercharging those in desperate need, or even in some cases giving away his goods for free. Here, Conrad met with two former members of the Order of Arnath, Imrick and Rexton, who share his idea of
helping those in need in whatever way possible.

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