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Clypeum Legis

Character Info: New Hope

Character Name: Clypeum Legis
Played By: Ian Loebl
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey-Blue-Green
Appearance: Tall and thin, with usually a neutral expression on the face
Notable Traits: Incredibly selfless and dedicated to peace
Birthplace: The Kingdom of Aldoria, Capital City
Occupation/Class: Cleric, Healer
Known Skills: Divine Magic, Widespread Lore, Warhammer
Religious Order: The Church of Curantis
Faction Affiliation: Crow’s Landing

A Little Background:

My earliest memories are of flight, blood, and death as we fled to Mardrun. My father was a minor officer in the Aldorian military, as well as a cleric, and he took his men and their families out of the conflict. Naturally, this included me as well. I remember little of the voyage except that it was hard and long, but my father taught me things all the way which eased the passage. He taught me of our faith and its kindness and magical knowledge. He taught me magic of the divine and how to fight. Everything that I started with, I learned from him. I grew up in Crow’s Landing, all the while learning and training with my father. He drilled into my head all the knowledge of our Church so that its vast history could live on after he passed away. I learned about everything; the world, military tactics, and the magic of faith. When I grew old enough I joined the militia to help defend our home, as was my duty. Throughout my life, my father and my officers taught me to always admire and respect the chain of command. Recently, Aradeal and his companions left Crow’s Landing and disappeaared. We sent out scouts and tried to find them, but they had vanished… victims of bandits, the mordok, or possibly trying to live a different life in one of the larger colonies. The settlement fell apart after they left us, my father and the other officers trying to rally the villagers to survive the winter. When the Rangers arrived, they gave us a reason to rally and carry on. The officers quickly placed them in command of the settlement and then set an example to the villagers by following their orders. Although they were new and did not have experience with our settlement,they were extremely skilled at what they did and saved us from destruction on several occasions. This chain of command, established quickly and followed in our time of need, allowed us to reorganize Crow’s Landing and keep us from succumbing to the winter cold and starvation. I suppose then that it’s no surprise that I ended up joining them. My goal will always be peace but in these times, I will do what I must to protect myself and others from the horrors that ravage this continent.

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