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Former Clan Riverhead

Clan Riverhead

Clanleader: Hakon Riverhead (Deceased)
High Priestess: Camilla Birchborne (Replaced Lyrri Riverhead)
Warleader: Brynjar Riverhead (Retired)

This little clan sits on the shores of a small lake at the end of the Great Wolf’s Hackles. All rivers in this region originate at this lake.

Recent/Current Events:
Year 264
Investigating troubling rumors of human interaction with the Mordok, Clan Riverhead took it upon itself to increase the patrols in the Great Forest, on the look out for any suspicious activity. While the rumors eventually proved to be true, the neutral clan was unable to take much action to resolve the issue due to the war raging across the continent. As Mordok activity died down near the end of the year, the hunters of Clan Riverhead have grown worried at the lack of activity, while thankful for the current respite.

Year 265
The start of the year is one of a collective sigh of relief from all the members of Clan Riverhead, however this sense of relaxation tends to die off quickly with the Mordok seemingly vanishing from the northern borders of Clans Shattered Spear and Clan Whiteoak. Those within the clan begin to suspect something may be afoot north of their neighboring clans, but they can only speculate as to what the true intentions are of these beings. However, their worry and fears soon turn into rage and frustration at Clan Ironmounds inability to contain the Creeping Corruption as it begins to spread throughout the land. Some within Clan Riverhead itself call it Divine Justice for disturbing the bounty of Gaia from their mining operations.

However, this outrage quickly is thrown to the side when Clan Stormjarl and New Aldoria attack Clan Squallborn and take its lands. Many Riverhead Chieftains move their political resources to try and pressure others to send aid to Clan Squallborn, and to pressure Clan Squallborn to sign the peace treaty so that they could save the lands that they have left.

Once again though, Clan Riverhead’s attention shifts to its neighbor Clan Axehound when the clan begins to raid and pillage Clan Whiteoak during an overwhelming siege by the Mordok. But little did the clan realize that this was all part of a tactic, a tactic that would spell doom for Clan Riverhead.

Year 266
Mordok are now raiding more and more frequently from the forests that surround Clan Riverheads lands, even from the south in the foothills of the Great Wolf’s Hackles. However, when the spring thaw finally hits the lands of Clan Riverhead, it brings along a seemingly endless wave of Mordok with it. The clan’s meager martial forces are only barely able to hold back the tide of destruction and death that descends upon them. However, a decent amount of Clan Riverhead is able to evacuate to both Clan Shattered Spear and Clan Goldenoak thanks to the efforts of Pack Longfang, Clan Ironmound, Clan Shattered Spear and Clan Goldenoak.

Even with that aid, the clan continues to be hunted and destroyed by the Mordok forces and before the end of summer can even arrive, Clan Riverhead is no more…

But… There is still hope of returning as the now Pack Riverhead of Clan Shattered Spear continues to plan and have hope of one day returning to their rightful status as the purest of the Ulven Clans.

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