PLAYED BY: Brittni Smith
CHARACTER NAME: Cenarae Stormjarl (Ravenscry)
GENDER: Female
CLASS: Cleric
AGE: 21Years
RACE: Human
HAIR: Mid length and Orange
EYES: Hazel
KNOWN SKILLS: Healing, Hunting, Archery, Some Diplomacy, Divine Magic, Smithing
BIRTHPLACE: Born in a little village near the coast
APPEARANCE: Short and stocky Cenarae is no looker as she is rather ordinary. Her hair is of a bright coppery orange that is either loose or tied up with some kind of cord or ribbon, Warm hazel eyes view the world with caution. Despite Ulven style dress she is unmistakably human with her plain eyes and a lack of fangs. She also wears a raven skull on a cord around her neck.
NOTABLE TRAITS: Human among Ulven, but nothing else.
RELATIONSHIPS: Thrand Stormjarl & Fritha Stormjarl are Packmates and friends
RUMORS: Traitor to her kind (Some Humans)

Her history is fuzzy at best in her early years. She was born in the small fishing village called Ravencry on Faedrun where her parents, raised her in a normal almost carefree fashion for the first 6 years. Before her 6the birthday there was an evacuation order and the village, including her family fled to the ships to escape the undead blight heading their way. When they arrived the remnants of the village went to start over on the coast of Clan Nightriver’s territory. This seemed bright at first, but when they were still in tents as building were yet to be finished, raiders attacked. It was the dead of the night when screams and bright light disturbed her family. She was told to stay put but peeked out to see what was happening, the camp was burning… She turned and ran back into her tent burrowing under blankets as she screamed in fear. This was a bad idea and the fire hopped from tent to tent eventually hers caught on fire. She ran from the heat into the chaos of the camp looking for her parents. What she found scarred her for life as they were very clearly dead, but with a child’s ignorance she tried to wake them. This was another mistake as a raider picked her up by the back of her night dress and threw her into a burning pile of debris. The fire spread to her quickly and she scrambled out and ran to the only water she knew throwing herself to the ocean’s mercy.

She passed out from pain, fright and shock in to freezing water and she drifted down the coast like a corpse. When she woke she found herself tangled in seaweed and debris, she shivered and struggled to shore, once there she wandered aimlessly looking for someone to save her. Gaia must have shown her mercy as she managed to find berries and small foods to sustain her for several days. A week after her village burned she had collapsed on the ground from utter exhaustion and hunger, her whimpering cries hardly audible. A hunting party of Ulven were nearby, though and by the grace of Gaia one male heard her; Bjarke Stormjarl heard something that was not like that of an animal and left his party to find it. He came upon a small form huddled in the dirt weeping. Seeing the burns, tattered clothing and soot streaks on the child he remembered the Colum of smoke in the distance from a week prior. He took off his cloak and bundled Cenarae up holding her close and he and his party returned to their village.

Bjarke Stormjarl took the child home to his mate Rada Stormjarl and since she was a healer she tended to the young human as best they could. A long discussion was had about her fate and they decided to raise her alongside their two sons. They notified their Jarl; once it was clear Cenarae would survive. The next several years seemed to fly and the young human integrated into the family as if they had always been. As she neared her 10th year she began taking an interest in the adoptive parents work, her father a blacksmith for the village and her mother one of the healers, she spent much of her time between the two professions rather than our play fighting with her brothers as the violence they reenacted frightened her. It was on a hunting trip not long after when they were all in for a surprise, Bjarke, Cenarae, and her two brothers Nadir & Einar, had gone out when Einar went bolting off after something. A yell soon followed full of pain and fear, without hesitation Cenarae threw her bow at her other brother and ran after her errant sibling. What she found was bad, he had somehow managed not only to fall but to pierce himself through the gut on a broken tree limb sticking out of the snow. Something seemed the wash over the young human as she pulled her brother free and tore open his tunic. She packed the wound and pressed but he had already lost so much blood, she prayed to mother Gaia and the Great Wolf to heal him, so he may fight for their honor one day. To everyone surprise they responded and Einar’s wound eased to a far more minor one.

After this revelation Cenarae found out news that would have broken some, this was not her birth family, she was not an Ulven who was just taking forever to grow their fangs but that she was in fact human. She was forced to remember and understand her fear of violence and fire, but she took it with stride, “Gaia has blessed me with a pack who loves me and the chance to honor her ways regardless” was her response as she came to understand. She left her home and went to visit a Priestess of Gaia to learn what she could despite not being an Ulven and there for a daughter if Gaia. Here she stayed for some time earning her Sax in the process as she became a true woman of the pack.

As she began her 15th year she assisted where permitted with the negotiations with human colonists to aid her clan. Later when civil war broke out, despite her fears she volunteered to the front lines at assist in helping the wounded. There she met her friends Thrand & Fritha, two more Ulven from Stormjarl she had never before come across. During the following time she formed a bond of friendship but focused majority of her time on her work. Since she is not a fighter she did the most she could to aid where she could be it healing for working as a blacksmith. Now with the war over she works where she can and is needed to help restore the balance. She joined up with her friends once again for the Clan Stormjarl and New Aldorian Campaign staying back with the supplies to assist and wait for the wounded to return and be helped.

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