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Caster Rax

PLAYED BY: Drake Nelson



CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 30

RACE: Human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Blue

OCCUPATION: Curator, Sapper

KNOWN SKILLS: Engineering, Merchant connections


APPEARANCE: Unremarkable

RELATIONSHIPS: Married to Quille Nightflower, reports to Aifric

Trained as an Engineer and Sapper by the Aldorian army, Caster left behind his career as a soldier as a young man when it became apparent that there was little demand for undermining heavy fortifications on Mardrun. Seeking his fortune, he instead became a merchant. After several years on the road, he eventually met and married his wife, Quille Nightflower.

During the war, Caster Rax and Quille were part of a caravan delivering supplies to the Pass. Caster was separated from the group during an attack by Grimward raiders. In the aftermath, he wandered the countryside aimlessly in search of his lover, eventually resorting to banditry to survive. He preyed on the very same war supplies he once delivered.

After plaguing the Great Wolf’s Hackles for months, he torched a load of supplies during a botched robbery of the Spire. It was after this event that the Archons took notice. The Magi Tyrannous scoured the mountains and dragged him back before the Archmage. Rather than kill Caster, Vazra offered him a new home and employment which would allow him to continue his search for Quille, so long as he kept an eye open throughout his travels for items of interest to the Archmage.

His life spared, Caster is immensely loyal to the Archons. He now reports to Aifric Camden as assistant curator unless otherwise assigned, using his merchant connections to support their efforts. In observance of the Archon’s offer to lend aid to Stormjarl, Caster is being sent to New Aldoria as a contractor. He hopes to at last make use of his original training, all while searching for who he’s lost, and balancing his duties to the Spire.

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