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Cassius Mihill

Played by: Lucas Woosypiti

Character Name: Cassius Mihill

gender: male

Class: warrior

Age: 27

Race: human

Hair: brown

Eyes: hazel

Occupation: Son of a farmer until the age of 14

Known skills: swords, farming, and first aid

birthplace: small farming village on the eastern lands of Faedrun. Years of vigorous training left Cassius with no idea of the name of his village.

Appearance: average man, with a bushy but sometimes trimmed beard

Noticeable traits: shy and selflessness

Relationships: none I can remember left at an early age to be trained by a warrior from Arnaths Fist

rumors: i heard he never swung a blade in his life.
Blasted greenhorn thinks he’s a lion of the order.
Quiet men hold many secrets, wonder whats in his head?

Bio: Born in the year 239, Cassius was the only child so his father kept a short leash on the boy. But when Cassius was a young lad he always dreamt of leaving farming behind. He felt he had a bigger destiny in life. Things changed when Cassius turned 14 and meet a knight from the Arnaths Fist. After much consideration and bribery his father gave him to the knight to be trained. From that day, on he was a squire a small step in his dreams. For 13 years Cassius learned all he could from his mentor William the 37th. He was taught valor, honesty, honor, and most importantly justice. They traveled together to the new land Mardrun as Faedrun fell to the Undead. They had a small home in the City. Sadly on the eve of Cassius’ 27 birthday a group of marauders caught the duo in surprise. The two fought valiantly but sadly Cassius remained uninjured. With a final plea from William he asked him to take up his arms and his place in the order and teach the lessons he learned to his own apprentice. Cassius found he way back to his homeland to find his own apprentice but instead found it destroyed with living dead wondering about. Seeing the site ravaged by death he vowed to bring justice and honor back to the world and do his best with his mentors final wish. But before he left, Cassius had a check around the village as carefully as he could and learned many villagers from here and elsewhere left to a place they called Mardrun. So with nothing holding him back Cassius started his journey…

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