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Caelyn Squallborn

Around the year of 264, the Ulven Civil War broke out and Caelynn’s family was bound by honor to defend their allies homeland Clan Grimward. Her parents; Larciya and Travis of clan Squallborn said goodbye and left to go fight for the honor of Ulven. Caelynn always thought there could be another way to have peace rather than war. A few months later in the winter, on the boarders of Clan Stormjarl, a tired battle was being fought and safety was being overtaken by self-pride and ruthlessness and in the end, it killed her parents Caelynn was fourteen at the time.

After her parents died, she made herself a promise to keep living and she would make new friends and possibly be in a loving family where she would be able to protect the ones she loves the most. Someone from her pack, known as Harkaru decided to take her in and gave her a roof over her head and she learned some valuable skills while they were out into nature. After the war ended, the pain did not. Grimward then turned its back on their “allies” and left them with little from the war. Her people suffered for it. She saw people of her pack die right in front of her and it caused a lot of nightmares and self-hatred for not being able to do anything to help them. She has seen a lot of innocent people die due to a false accusation and her pack had to pay the price. She sat there praying to the gods that she wouldn’t get hurt and Imara saved her life by defending her.

In 268 Stormjarl made a pact to help Squallborn, the people in her pack were angry. They thought Stomjarl had no place in Squalborn. Caelynn was confused- there were here to help, to take them in to their clan as Squallborn was no longer big enough to be a clan.

During the independence fights in Squallborn territory, Caelynn did something that could make her path clearer. She met the people of Stormjarl who fought to help Squallbon. She was able to meet, Fritha, Thrand and she saw how hard Bryech pushed himself in the name of honor. These weren’t the dirty, land grabbing people her pack said they were. They were kind and cared for everyone. She decided she wanted to go with them and learn. So while all of that was going on she wandered off into the woods to pick some flowers as a gift to her future clan then a group of bandits attacked Caelynn, but someone heard her scream and saved her.

It was a male, maybe in his early twenties but she couldn’t really tell because she was knocked unconscious due to a forceful blow to the head. But the name of ‘Savagefang’ rang in her ears. From that day; she had a personal mission before she dies, to find who saved her. But she also knew she wasn’t ready, but she made up her mind to travel to Stormjarl and learn what she could from them. No longer would she live afraid and feel helpless. .
And she wasn’t afraid, she was happy, as she picked up her belongings and grabbed the map and set off to find them. In the spring of 269 she found them, she asked Thrand for aid and food, he said yes to her request and she felt like she was a part of the family. They went to Aylens Reach together and they had a great time, after Kaylek attempted to attack the higher up at Alyens Reach for getting too close to Fritha= he had to write a sincere apology.

She is still learning and hopes she grows to be a brilliant fighter. Her fighting skills have gotten better but Thrand still beats her when they spar. The others would teach her some ways to fight better but Bryech always stood away from her and she felt worried for him, was he hiding something from her?

She asked Thrand if she could travel once more to the corner of Clan Goldenfield and Clan Spiritclaw for a holiday that she never really heard of. Caelynn was introduced to more of the Syndar race and wants to learn more about the divine. There she met Harkov and a weird figure known as the Shaman, whom was very mysterious.

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