Played by: Jane Halpern

Name: Bite
Gender: Female
Age: 15 in LH, 28 outside.
Race: Ulven
Occupation: Scout in training for Crow’s Landing
Known Skills: Archery (developing).
Birthplace: A sacked Ulven village, pack unknown, outside Crows’ Landing.
Notable Traits: Short. Very, very, short. In fact, quite possibly the Littlest Ulven.

Bio: Bite was raised from infancy by humans who discovered her amongst the remains of her sacked village and took pity on her–her name derives from the first action she took when picked up. Although she is curious about other Ulven and her own racial heritage (she does not know which pack or even which clan her parents belonged to), Bite is culturally human. She does not know who was responsible for the slaughter of her birth family, but does not share other Ulven’s broad-spectrum distrust of humankind–she credits humans with having saved her from certain death and considers the members of Crow’s Landing her family.

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