Played by: Jacob Beardsley /
Name: Belthazar Nightriver
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Purple
Character Website:
Occupation: warrior/drifter
Known Skills: Toughness and two handed weapons
Birthplace: a small village on the on the eastern side of the Hacklefur Mountains
Appearance: What do you look like?
Notable Traits:
Rumors: If they gossip about you, what do they say?


Belthazar lived most of his life under the watchful eye of his father. His village is located on the eastern side of the The Great Wolf’s Hackles about a days journey from Daven’s Reach. His mother died in child birth. With no memory of her Belthazar’s only known family is his father.

Even at an early age in life Belthazar was a handful. If he wasn’t pranking innocent villagers, he was in other trouble. Fed up with the lack of discipline, Beltharzar’s father started teaching him the ways of combat. This managed to calm the rowdy Belthazar.

His father became a leader of a hunting pack while Belthazar was about 16. Since then Belthazar was a well respected member of the village. Although Belthazar wasn’t the greatest hunter, he joined his father occasionally on small hunts.

At the age of 18 Belthazar started working as a blacksmith, he wasn’t bad at it either. Even though it wasn’t hunting his father was happy to see his son grow up and find a useful skill, but the peaceful life of Belthazar’s would not last long.

One day his father went out with his hunting party and wasn’t heard from for quite some time. Belthazar knew something was wrong but no one else seemed to notice. After a week or so passed by there was still no news what happened to his father. By this time he was getting worried and feared for his father’s life.

A couple more days passed and still nothing, but out of nowhere the familiar look of his father’s armor came into view, except it wasn’t his father wearing it. A band of Mordok had ambushed Belthazar’s father and came back to the village wearing the hunting parties armor. The Mordok wasted no time slaughtering members of the village indiscriminately, suddenly the bands leader appeared around a corner and was now face to face with Belthazar. Outraged at the sight of the Mordok murderer wearing his father’s armor and wielding the sword that Belthazar forged as a gift to his father, blindly rushed the attacker. Belthazar managed to catch the leader off guard. As the attacker fell to the ground Belthazar grabbed the sword and with a growling cry he drove the blade deep into the Mordok’s head.

The battle didn’t last very long, but after it was all said and done Belthazar just couldn’t bear living in the village that reminds him so much of his father. So after the fires were out and the dead burned, Belthazar travels to Daven’s Reach to start a new life.

In Daven’s Reach Belthazar ran into a nervous human merchant named Helgen, she happened to come across Belthazar just out side of Daven’s Reach. After a long day of traveling he must have looked worn out and run down because she took him in and offered him a job.

She was not very big and not very good at combat so she offered Belthazar a job as her body guard and friend. Since then he has traveled with her and protected her where ever her work leads

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