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August 268

The month of August comes and goes, but the hustle and bustle of Mardrun is ongoing. 


In the City State of Newhope there has been a rather large amount of guards found dead in the alleyways, guardhouses, taverns, and in their own homes. Many of those investigating are reporting poison, strangulation, and multiple stab wounds as the causes of death. This news has put many of the guards and those that reside within the walls into a moderate paranoia.


The City State of Newhope has expanded dramatically over the past three months, most notably the settlements of Crow’s Landing and Starkhaven. With these two large settlements now under their control, both economic and martial forces have drastically grown, creating an even greater force to be reckoned with . 


While the City State expands, the city of Daven’s Hold has started a rather ambitious project. Governess Kathrine has announced that the success that she has seen rallying citizens under her banner has given her reason to begin construction on a larger, improved merchant quarter for the city. Many who have lived in Daven’s Hold over the past year are eager to see what the Council of Three can do after seeing the highly aggressive expansions over the past year. 


The Tensions rise further along the Stormjarl and Grimward Clan borders; it has been noted that Clan Stormjarl have heavily reinforced their defensive fortifications while Clan Grimward Warpacks, geared to the teeth with Clan Ironmound Steel, now march to form a wall of shields and blades. The coastline can see Stromjarl ships patrolling off shore ready to move against enemy ships. Yet, neither side moves to press further to engage one another, the tension is palpable as both stare at one another and each wonders who will make the first move.


On the other end of the continent, Clan Squalborn is close to the breaking point due to lack of clan leadership, good farmland, harsh winters, and lack of resources.. Clan Steinjottun, Clan Axehound, and even Aylin’s Reach are eyeing up the possible prize of people and lands. The future of the clan is uncertain, but what is certain is that its neighbors are planning to take full advantage of their plight.

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