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August 267

It seems that persistence has finally paid off. Clan Axhound has agreed to meet with Clan Whiteoak to begin negotiations between the two, as led by Pack Redwind. Word quickly spreads outward from Axhound territory, however, that their leadership is unconvinced that Clan Whiteoak will bring anything to the table, much less honor any agreement made. Still, even though it was likely through the continued pressure from Pack Redwind and Clan Grimward, this could be the vital first step to a lasting peace between Clan Whiteoak and Clan Axhound.


Clan Squallborn continues to find itself treading water as they are unable to retake their best farmlands from New Aldoria and Stormjarl. Their people continue to ration carefully, and while this will certainly keep them away from starvation, it has bred a bitterness within them. They are raiders and warriors; Squallborn ships crave the sea as their blades crave the blood of Mordok. Unfortunately for their cravings, their current situation will allow them neither as they must focus first and foremost on their own survival.


Clan Axhound has claimed a great feat which, while unconfirmed, has been supported by the recent stillness of the Great Forest. A warpack led by Warleader Hoskul Axhound himself claims to have slain the Mordok shaman which had infested the Great Forest since the beginning of the year. Thus far, it had eluded capture and combat and while not a large-scale threat, the caster was more than an inconvenience to those who made their living near the tree line. Hopefully, they can rest a little easier now.

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