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August 264 – News & Rumors

The Coalition army has been able to clear the pass and has connected with Ironmound forces to form a northern front along the southern border of Clan Ironmound’s lands. Grimward forces have responded with increased aggression along the entirety of the line. What had in the past been sporadic attacks by individual units, have become have become more complex and coordinated with the goal of forcing gaps in the line which are quickly taken advantage of by forces held in reserve.
Although the last of the Coalition carts in the pass was able to escape the bandit force and deliver its supplies through the aid of nearby adventurers, the combined leadership on the northern front recognize that their local stockpiles will be insufficient to last until snowfall. The local leadership have called on any who are able to provide help in procuring, transporting, and protecting supplies for this front.

Two warpacks from Clan Whiteoak have covertly landed on Clan Nightriver’s shores with the help of Squalborn ships. These warpacks have already burned a small fishing village but did not kill the inhabitants. Farmers in the vicinity have been overheard planning an early harvest, stating that it is better to reap the crop before it’s time then to risk it being burnt in the field. As of yet, there has been no plan on how to deal with coastal attacks by Clan Nightriver’s enemies.

With all of the commotion elsewhere in their territory, a frightening occurrence goes mostly overlooked within the confines of Clan Nightriver’s lands. The remains of a third Squallborn ship made ground, this one a few miles west of Crow’s Landing, bearing no survivors and many scars from a fierce battle. Those who investigated the wreckage related vicious lacerations, infected wounds, and scorch marks on both of the corpses found lashed upside down to the wreckage.

Daughters of Gaia from Clan Riverhead have drawn the ire of the leadership of Clan Goldenfield, stirring the fears of many farmers in the area. The Daughters claim that the blight which impeded Goldenfield’s harvest last month was retribution from Gaia herself, seeking to punish her children who had strayed from her path. Ever the gracious and loving mother, she would not be as cruel as to outright kill her children, but by limiting their food supply, she would remind them of their place. The Clanleader of Goldenfield has reassured Branthur that he has no intention of removing his clan from the alliance, despite what their neighbor’s Daughters may claim.

Reports of lone Mordok sightings have started to trickle in from clans bordering The Great Forest. None of these reports would be of interest separately as Mordok are not uncommon in the area. All of these reports mention that without fail each of the individuals are headed north with some haste. Some reports note that the Mordok have failed to attack even the unarmed.

Hope surges within Clan Stormjarl as an entire village is freed from the yoke of Grimward occupation. A handful of hunters working behind enemy lines and allies that landed on the shore to assist them were able to defeat the guards keeping the village under control as a work camp and escort them to safety. These villagers and warriors were transported along the coast to safety in Stormjarl villages who are already crowded, but willing to shoulder the burden to see some of their own returned to them. News reaches the villagers less than a week after they make landfall that the Grimward solders they left alive decided to burn the village rather than be forced to stand guard over empty houses and fields.

Following the release of many documents detailing the true history of the Ulven people, a joint effort between Clans Nightriver and Spiritclaw has been formed, seeking any information regarding the Lorespeakers. Rewards have been offered by both clans for information leading to the discovery of these traitors, with substantially larger rewards for their capture, assuming they are kept alive. A number of smaller packs, namely among Shattered Spear, have taken matters into their own hands, branding and severing any Lorespeakers they come across.

In the fervor to press for a swift and decisive victory over Clan Grimward in the Pass, the colony of Newhope’s clerks seem to have overlooked their current inventories. Afraid of the repercussions of the war front losing supplies, the colony has put out a call to the smaller settlements in the area, asking them to dig deep and send whatever can be spared for the war effort as the colony will soon need to address the issue of its dwindling storehouses. As the civil war increases in intensity, the need to feed and supply troops in the field could be one of the most critical points of this conflict.

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