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August 263 – News & Rumors

The continent of Mardrun is eerily quiet. What culminated into a brutal and bloody fight in Stormjarl territory over the winter has turned into a quiet break from the chaos. Spring and summer both have come and gone; warriors nervously watch the horizon for the next attack and farmers work their fields while looking over their shoulder for raiders who might attack them and their property. The defenses around the last remaining settlement of Clan Stormjarl held against the crashing tide of Clan Grimward invaders in the spring and then… nothing. Scouts and hunters report that Grimward forces remain in the conquered territory. Rumor has it that Grimward, without anyone to contest their control of most of Stormjarl’s territory, has isolated and conquered all the villages and remaining settlements. Looting of anything useful and even the capture of Stormjarl villagers seems likely. Clan Stormjarl is in no position to retaliate and take back their territory and instead has tried to recover from the fight, gather as many supplies as possible, and continue to expand on their defenses. The Yurnai River remains decimated; with all the bridges still destroyed Clan Stormjarl is effectively cut off from the rest of the continent unless they travel by sea.
The Watchwolves have sent word that the civil war in their territory has also been quiet… Grimward continues to wait just outside of Watchwolf territory after being beaten back by coalition forces. Just like to the south, Haygreth’s forces have been eerily quiet. The Watchwolf leaders believe he is preparing to renew his attack and if they press North into Watchwolf territory, it is feared that the settlement cannot hold out further. This western half of the clan spent the spring and summer licking their wounds and trying to recover from their stand against Grimward’s army and is not prepared to fight again. Rumors say that the Watchwolves may attempt to speak terms with Haygreth or that their involvement with the war may end soon… but nothing has been confirmed and the political representatives to the Clan have been quiet about the subject. Without additional allies, they will not be able to hold for long… isolated on the other side of the Hackles, the Watchwolf Clan has some hard decisions about their stance in regards to the war and how they will continue to be involved. The calm in the civil war has been a welcome respite for most of the clans and settlements… but after Haygreth’s conquest of Stormjarl being such a success, his thirst for power and his quest to be rid of the colonists is not likely to be ended anytime soon. Now the warriors stationed on the borders of their territories wait, day by day, for when and where they will see the invaders strike next.
Delegates from the Clans have sent several messages, and it seems like the political front is going well. Clan Squallborn continues to remain aloof along with Clan Riverhead. Clan Shattered Spear, impressed with the soldiers of Vandregon and the Rangers of Crow’s Landing helping them with their bandit problem, have pledged their support to Clan Nightriver. Clan Steinjotten and Clan Goldenfield have been assisting Nightriver and solidifying their alliance. Clan Spiritclaw remains neutral in the war as does Clan Ironmound, but rumors have said that Ironmound will most likely choose a side soon. It is speculated that the leaders of Clan Ironmound fear becoming the new frontline if the Watchwolves fall, and may choose to join Grimward in their cause to avoid Clan Stormjarl’s fate. Clan Axhound has boasted that they will join the Alliance as long as they have allies that will join them on their raid against Clan Whiteoak who continues to support Grimward’s war. Clan Nightriver continues to support its allies, maintain its borders, and attempts to absorb the immense burden of housing thousands of Stormjarl refugees. More solidified lines are being drawn across the Ulven clans on the continent.
Strange reports continue to float around and rumors of a large mordok force still moving in the great forests of Mardrun. Ulven hunting parties have vanished and a call has been sent out by Clan Whiteoak and Clan Riverhead to form a war part from nearby Clans to seek out this threat and destroy it. With all of the alliances being drawn by the Clans, this course of action may be difficult.
In the colonies, Prince Aylin continues to expand New Aldoria at an alarming rate. His apparent wealth and thriving colony is collecting people and new settlers all the time. The Colony of Newhope is taxed to the brink caring for all of the sick and wounded Stormjarl refugees. The poltical power struggle between the Council of Ten appears to be on hold for now, but rumors say that it will begin anew and major changes will be coming in the future. Nobles whisper in hushed towns at meetings and gatherings as to who they believe is dealing with whom and what the outcome may be.

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