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August 20th, 2016 – Dirge Swamp Expedition Event


As the whole of Mardrun focuses on the trial being conducted at Starkhaven, there is another area offocus that has been generating more support recently. Marquess Madeline d’Argent has gathered thefunding and enough supporters to do apreliminary expedition into the Dirge Swamp. While she seemsto have the backing of Baron Montesque de la Aleine, rumors say that further Council support falls shortafter that. Some of the ulven Clans seem poised to assist if there is proof of this beingworthwhile buthave yet to fully commit. Some have claimed that Madeline’s push for this expedition in the summerheat is foolish and suicidal while others believe it is a way to refocus the people of Mardrun towards acommon enemy.Before public favor fora large scale swamp expedition begins to wane, the Marquess has put a call outto adventurers, mercenaries, and warriors to go into the swamp in an attempt to establish an area thatcould be used as a camp in the future. At this same time, allies to the north will begin a small scalemilitary campaign against the mordok and attempt to create a diversion. This should, in theory, allow asmaller expedition the chance to slip through as the mordok focus on the battles taking place. Theexpedition contract promises a good reward for being a part of the expedition and a hefty bonus shouldit be successful and there is a reward for supporting the military diversion to the north as well.The goal of the expedition will be to go north and find the old failed settlement of Pack Blackwing. ThisPack of ulven took on the challenge of trying to tame the swamp, went north to establish a settlement,and then either died or disappeared. Several years ago, an expedition in search of the syndar journalsfound one of their own villages and was driven off as the area was filled with corruption. This expeditionwill be tasked with finding it, clearing it of corruption, verifying if it can be used as a forward base campin the future, and searching for clues as to what happened to Pack Blackwing. The Marquess feels thatknowing their struggles will help them avoid or overcome them should a larger expedition take place.Whether it be coin to line personal coffers, honor with striking back at the mordok and the swamp, orquenching athirst of knowledge and discovery… the reward for this expedition is good enough to enticepeople of many origins, despite the level of danger involved.


As the Newhope troops and their adventurer companions pressed deep into theSwamp, the land itselfseemed to protest their presence. Rain and mud slowed the caravan to a crawl as the ever-presentshadow of the Mordok could be felt all around. Emboldened by their purpose, however, the groupcontinued until they found the remains ofan Ulven settlement, confirmed to have once been theBlackwing Outpost of history some decades ago. The air itself was laced with remnants of corruption,sickening those who entered the outpost. It was through a combined effort of the clerics and mages inthe group that they were able to cleanse the stain upon the land as warriors fended off groups ofMordok hoping to disrupt their rituals. After a well-earned rest inside the newly cleansed outpost, thegroup departed once more to return to the south, hoping to return to Newhope with their findings. TheMordok in the area pursued the group, fighting tooth and nail to purge the intruders. While there werea number of casualties in the retreat, the majority of the group managed to escape to safety withknowledge of a possible foothold for future expeditions.

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